March 1, 2024

PLEASE MADAME… Interview with the Band from Salzburg Thursday 15 August 2019- FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL

Salzburg is the capital city of the State of Salzburg and the fourth largest Austria city is renowned for its great Baroque architecture and is one of the best-preserved city centers north of the Alps, with 27 churches. The city has three universities and a large population of students. Tourists also visit Salzburg to tour the historic centre and the scenic Alpine surroundings. Salzburg was the birthplace of the 18th century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In the mid20th century, the city was the setting for the musical play and film… The sound of Music .
Some years ago when I was in Salzburg, happened to hear for the first time the band with the name … PLEASE MADAME , it was a big surprise for me, because the music of this band … was more than good!
In the year 2019, a very hot day of summer we had an interview with the band! And don’t forget … PLEASE MADAME show- FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL- Thursday 15 August (16:25-16:45 at the Red Bull Stage)!

ATHENS CALLING: Hi Niklas and Dominik, welcome to AthensCalling GR, nice to meet you and you must know that some years ago when I was in Salzburg, happened to hear for the first time your band… I like the sound of your music!
NIKLAS MAYR (PLEASE MADAME): Thanks man. Thats what we love to hear!
ATHENS CALLING: At first I must ask you about your songs. So I think that… for example, we have two completely different songs, the one is the song ΄΄ Wait for me ΄΄ and the other, is the song ΄΄For the better ΄΄ two different stories about the lyrics! Tell us please in what occasion, in what mood, if you prefer it better, created the lyrics of your songs?
DOMINIK WENDL (PLEASE MADAME):΄΄ Wait For Me΄΄ , was one of the older songs that we wrote. At that time Niklas wasn’t even a part of Please Madame. ΄΄ Wait for me΄΄ is a song about longing for something without ever getting it – waiting for something.΄΄For The Better΄΄ on the other hand is a song about letting loose. Especially when everything is not as crisp as you want it to be – then its all for the better.
ATHENS CALLING: Why the band writes English lyrics?
DOMINIK WENDL (PLEASE MADAME): Well because for me German does not make any sense. I admire people who can write and be lyrical in german. But I and I think not only me, but everyone in the Band, we just cant. haha.
ATHENS CALLING: It is a bonus for your career that you are from the same city that was the famous classical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
NIKLAS MAYR (PLEASE MADAME): Haha. We try to go away from that as far as we can. Everyone loves Salzburg because Sound of Music and Mozart – as much as we respect Mozart and his work, we want to be loved because of ourselves 😉
ATHENS CALLING:We continue about the music, tell us please your favorite bands or singer … maybe your best album that you recently bought?
DOMINIK WENDL (PLEASE MADAME): Hm. We listen to so much music there is never one act who we love the most. I’d say right now if we have to make a call it would be Bon Iver. We just went to Wiesbaden to see him and we have been absolutely stunned. Also their new album is coming out on the 31st of August, so we are very excited.

ATHENS CALLING:Now let’s go to your memories and if you want tell us something about… What’s The Craziest Thing that’s happened on your Tour?

NIKLAS MAYR (PLEASE MADAME): Oh god. There are so many stories, from crazy backstage parties to sucky sleeping arrangements to just meeting new people every day. It’s always a rollercoaster and we love it.

ATHENS CALLING: Oh…! Tell us about your band name. Who was the Godfather of the band?
ATHENS CALLING: Studio or live? What do you love most, than the two?

NIKLAS MAYR (PLEASE MADAME): Both! Everything has its own charm, so we naturally love both.
ATHENS CALLING: Let’s go now to the great amazing FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL 2019 tell us about …I mean about your festival show on 15th of August on Friday!
DOMINIK WENDL (PLEASE MADAME): It will be awesome. Fire, Gold, Glitter. We are very excited about the show, we’ve been attending the festival since we were young, so it is always very special to play there.
ATHENS CALLING: Here is the last questions … Have you visited Greece and also do you know something about the Greek music? Or anything other?
NIKLAS MAYR (PLEASE MADAME): Actually, yeah. Dominik went when he was very young (I think he can’t remember) but Laurenz was there just a year ago. He loved every minute of it! Greece is such a beautiful country.
ATHENS CALLING: Thank you Niklas and Dominik… and all the best for your band.
NIKLAS MAYR (PLEASE MADAME): Thanks for the interview.

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