May 28, 2024


The Coathangers are an amazing American all-female punk rock/garage band from Atlanta, Georgia, with singer/guitarist Julia Kugel-Montoya (Crook Kid Coathanger), bassist Meredith Franco (Minnie Coathanger) and Stephanie Luke (Rusty Coathanger), singer/drummer.
Formed in the year 2006, the band chose the name “Coathangers” which refers to a dangerous method of self-induced abortion; all of the band’s members are pro-choice. Long-time keyboardist Candice Jones (Bebe Coathanger), left the band amicably in 2013.
When The Coathangers played their first show back in 2006 at a small house party in Atlanta, the band’s aspirations were little more than a one-off excuse for a few friends to hang out and make some noise. Yet the clamorous racket of that first show was addictive, both for the newly recruited musicians navigating unfamiliar instruments and for the local punks who witnessed the band’s divine birth. Other parties were quickly put on the calendar. Then a few club shows. Then came the records.
About The Coathangers discography we will note that they all contain musical diamonds and amazing covers visual covers.
΄΄ The Devil You Know΄΄ on Suicide Squeeze Records is the sixth studio album by The Coathangers, which contains 11 songs full of energy!

CHATTING WITH JULIA KUGEL OF THE COATHANGERS… : Welcome in the webzine of culture! I am really happy chatting you… Julia, because I believe that your band it is a part of the music history book.

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): Thank you so much! It’s a pleasure chatting with you. : At first I will ask you about the name of your band… COATHANGERS…Why did you choose this title?

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): We chose the name because it is a reference to the basic human right to choose what to do with one’s body. The name stands for freedom. : O.k about it! 16 years old your band and 3 girls together, work about the music staying together from 2006 until 2022! How do you feel about it and what is… it’s the love of music, common interests, friendship?

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): For me it was always the love of music that kept the band going for so long. I like seeing how far we can progress and change. : 16 years old band… do you remember any bad time for The Coathangers, during the 16th years?

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): Haha.. There were some bad times yes but I don’t remember now what they were. It probably involved being hangover on the road. :… And the best time of the band?

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): Playing New York Fashion Week for Coach with Debbie Harry!! Dream band highlight!! Best ever amazing super cool awesome time of the band. : I like very much all the music history of your band from 2006 until now and I will ask you about your music influences…Your band do you have any influences and if you have from whom?

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): Our influences vary greatly between all the band members. I love Gang of Four, Pixies, Black Eyes, The Make- Up, Modest Mouse, and Detroit Cobras. : And about the lyrics of your songs,how do you create them?

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): It depends on the song… some we wrote together as a group… some come from one person. We all usually agree on the lyric and the subject of the song. : Do you believe that we all live in a crazy world?

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): Yes. I think the world is crazier feeling now because everything is moving faster and faster. : Do you have to say something about the Russia and Ukraine war … What is your opinion?

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): My opinion is that war is only good for governments, never the people. The amount of pain, death, and suffering is overwhelming to think about. I hope the people prevail and the regime fails. : O.k let’s talk now about your band music future plans… any new Album or Ep?

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): I just put out a solo record under the name Julia, Julia called DEREALIZATION on Suicide Squeeze Records. I am very excited about that. For the Coathangers, there are no immediate plans to record more music. We have a lot of albums already that people can listen to! : Something about The Coathangers live performances… any news?

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): No news. : Something now about my country about Greece… anything you like?

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): Yes! We played Athens and Thessaloniki once. Both places were so beautiful and cool! I am planning to come to Athen next year for Soft Palms (my other band) shows. Maybe you can come to the show! My husband & I plan on throwing a music festival in Athens called Happy Sundays. : Thank you Julia all the best for your Magic band and before the end …Please give your message to the people!

JULIA KUGEL (THE COATHANGERS): Be free in your heart and love more than you think you can.

P.s Thank you Jeff Forney for the photos.

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