May 28, 2024

LA CHICA … Sophie Fustec The magic songs of two worlds ROCK EN SEINE- on Sunday- August 25/08/2019

When I heard for the first time her songs… really and without hyperbola I found
to travel between two worlds. The magic piano sounds, from her song ́ ́Oasis΄΄and her voice was something more and more fantastic!

All this is about the great artist La Chica Belleville that is a music project created by Franco-Venezuelan singer songwriter Sophie Fustec !

From her biography … I read the following …’‘ Through her music, La Chica reunites these two worlds, presenting a collage of textures and sounds, ingrained from her traditional heritage and influx of modern influences, breaking all modern social standards…’‘

She created her universe around the piano and keyboard, naturally mixing her
inspiration of the classics, her love of Debussy, and the profoundness of the
pages of analogical synths…

AthensCalling found all about Sophie very important… so one day of the hot Summer in the year 2019… we had an interview with LA CHICA!

ATHENS CALLING: Hello Sophie. I am glad chatting you . I believe that you
are a great singer and songwriter … Welcome La Chica in AthensCalling GR.


ATHENS CALLING: At first tell us the story about the amazing song ‘’Oasis’’…

SOPHIE FUSTEC(LA CHICA) : OASIS tells the story of an auto sabotage of a relationship . I’m in love but I’m a solitary person so I close the limits of possibilities, I can’t help it. And I need to learn more about myself, so I choose to take refuge inside of me, to find my own oasis where I feel safe. It’s contradictory but too powerful to fight against it.

ATHENS CALLING: With what occasion write the music and the lyrics?

SOPHIE FUSTEC(LA CHICA) : I write a lot after dreaming. I’ve been really inspired by the events in Venezuela too, the situation is horrible and I feel that I need to send love and energy to the people there, my way of doing that is through music.
Music heals ..
ATHENS CALLING: How we can characterize your music genre?

SOPHIE FUSTEC(LA CHICA) : I make a music that looks like me. I’m a collage of different cultures, so I do a collage of sounds and influences that built myself.
I love to work with textures, mixing analogic textures like the piano, the voices synths from the 70’s, with modern numeric sounds. I love to transform things, to try to find something different, something personal. It’s a hybrid arty pop lectronic music… ha ha !… Really modern. I don’t really need to find the perfect designation I Just wanna do and present something truly authentic, something real, with a soul, in this world of fake and superficial illusions

ATHENS CALLING: Who was your first teacher in music?

SOPHIE FUSTEC (LA CHICA): THE BEATLES, they represent the complete freedom in creation.

ATHENS CALLING: Do you have any fondest musical memories?

SOPHIE FUSTEC(LA CHICA): When I was 2 years old, I used to listen to my father’s vinyls with headphones for hours, without talking. I remember that I used to imitate all the sounds of the house (creaky chairs, doors slapping, shoes walking, people voices, etc..)

ATHENS CALLING: I want ask you now, who are your favorite Musicians or Groups?


ATHENS CALLING: And now something about your tour and especially about your ROCK EN SEINE FESTIVAL 2019 show, tell us about it.

SOPHIE FUSTEC(LA CHICA): I’m really excited, it’s a very good opportunity ! I will sing and dance and give all that I got.. I hope to connect with the audience and generate emotions. I love to be on stage, I need to express myself completely, and to communicate with the people. I’m glad about this tour, I have a lot of concerts in France and Mexico, I would love to play everywhere !

ATHENS CALLING: … And something about Greece I mean about my country do
you know something about my country… about GREECE… about our music?

SOPHIE FUSTEC(LA CHICA): Greece, I would love to play there of course, I know I will .I know your delicious food, I love the movie “never on sunday” that I saw million times when I was young ! I know about the mythology because my mother used to read to us (when we were children) all the stories of the gods and we loved it !! I know the band Socrates drank the conium. I know the sirtaki but obviously I would love to know more about the modern scene !

ATHENS CALLING: All the best for you Sophie. Many thanks for the interview and all the best for your music!

SOPHIE FUSTEC(LA CHICA) : THANK YOU VERY MUCH , I hope to go to Greece soon to present my music and to learn more about your

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