April 21, 2024

Interview With THE FROZEN AUTUMN from Italy

DeathDisco  MiniFest  2K19

At Fuzz Live Music Club Saturday February 23 /2019


Currently based in Berlin (Germany) and Treviso (Italy), THE FROZEN AUTUMN was born in1993 in Turin (Italy) thanks to Diego Merletto, who had been already involved as a singer and keyboard player in several bands of the dark-wave local scene since 1987.

We must say that THE FROZEN AUTUMN amazing sound remains faithful in the 1980 reminds them of the great cold / dark wave bands of the past!

The image of their appearance imposing with their intense make up, their hair and black clothes, telling the costume code and the aesthetics like Siouxsie, Robert Smith and all the other great name of the post punk and dark wave scene in the early 80’s.

Celebrating their 25 years years active, Diego Merletto is now working with Arianna a.k.a. Froxeanne, they come in Athens, in the DeathDisco Minifest 2k19 at Fuzz Live Music Club, on Saturday, February 23/2019 !

This fact gave us the opportunity to talk with them.

ATHENS CALLING: Hello The Frozen Autumn . Nice to chatting you, on the occasion of your presence about lineup of DeathDisco MiniFest , February 23 at Fuzz Live Music Club. How do you feel about it? I mean about the Fest in Athens?

FROXEANNE: Hello! We feel great about it! We’ve played in Athens many times already and it’s always been a pleasure. Moreover, this festival’s line-up is awesome!

ATHENS CALLING: We love your music very much, but it is difficult to place you in a musical genre. You have developed some kind of their unique sound which is a blend of music genre… gothic,darkwave,cold wave, dark-electro and synthpop! In fact, how we can characterize your music? I mean about the music genre?

DIEGO MERLETTO: Many times we’ve defined our music as “Electro cold wave“ , and this is a good definition, but…. We also like to call it “ Frozen Wave “

ATHENS CALLING: And your influences?

DIEGO MERLETTO: our main influences are bands we liked from the eighties new wave and darkwave scene, but there are also some new interesting bands.. even in some other kind of music like ambient and experimental projects…

ATHENS CALLING: We love your music and we love also your band name. So can ask you, who is the godfather of your band name?  

DIEGO MERLETTO: There was a band from Sweden called “Viva”, they were produced by “Twice a man” members, I liked a lot one of their songs called “ The frozen fields “, this image was very inspiring and suggested me autumnal and foggy visions, this was the initial sparkle and since I was born in November when Autumn and gloomy atmospheres and cold days are more present and visible I decided to call the band “ The Frozen Autumn” and I think I took a good decision ! 

ATHENS CALLING: What is the reason, that you write the lyrics and the music of your songs?

DIEGO MERLETTO: we always compose and write lyrics thinking about our personal visions and sometimes experiences…but basically we like to tell “stories “ inspired by the visions we get from dreams or our imagination….

ATHENS CALLING: ‘’The Fellow Traveller’’ is your last album till today ,tell us about it? 

FROXEANNE: It is our latest, yes! Meaning it also represents the latest stage of our music evolution, always within our genuine, recognizable “frozen wave” stylistic pathway. I prefer inviting the people to listen to this album to get their own impressions about it, rather than trying to comment or describe it in any way.  Once some music is out there, it’s up to the listeners to build their own “relationship” with it and see what it means to them.

ATHENS CALLING: O.k about ‘’The Fellow Traveller’’ what are your plans for the future? Any new album?

DIEGO MERLETTO: we have some ideas….obviously, but we’re working on them and of course it’s still a secret!!

ATHENS CALLING:  Thanks for the interview and you must remember that your music … is something like a meadow of black roses …!

DIEGO and FROXEANNE (THE FROZEN AUTUMN): That’s so sweet of yours to say, thanks a lot and see you at the festival!!


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