May 29, 2024

An Interview with BOY HARSHER (USA)

A dark electronic duo playing in Athens
Plissken Fest. 2019- 27 June (21:45 Tunnel)

ATHENS CALLING: Hello from Athens. Just now I have to tell you that I am too much happy … chatting with your amazing electronic duo.
BOY HARSHER: Thank you!
ATHENS CALLING: I said before about your music genre … electronic duo. Do you agree about it or you have to say something other about your music genre?
BOY HARSHER: We like to keep it vague.
ATHENS CALLING: At first I think that your name was Teen Dreamz and now the name of your duo is … BOY HARSHER, why and who was the godfather of it?
BOY HARSHER: At first we called ourselves Teen Dreamz, but that ended when the project evolved. Role-playing and being cruel to one another led to the name Boy Harsher … also we thought it sounded cool.
ATHENS CALLING: Tell us please about…What is the reason, that you write the lyrics and the music of your songs?
BOY HARSHER: The lyrics are an attempt to recreate or investigate the carnal feelings of lust, longing, and anger. Basically the three pillars of the Leo.
ATHENS CALLING: ‘’Careful ’’ is your new album tell us about it? … How much time did you need to prepare the album…And tell us your favorite song of this album?
BOY HARSHER: We spent two years writing and recording ‘’Careful’’…’’ Jerry’’ is a very special, yet sad song and ‘’LA’’ always makes me happy when we perform live.
ATHENS CALLING: What do you love most of the two, live shows or in the studio?
BOY HARSHER: Two different animals really. Love them both, hate them both.
ATHENS CALLING: Do you have some influences?
BOY HARSHER: When we first started writing Lesser Man, we were really into Suicide, the controlled unease of Alan Vega and the pulse of Martin Rev really got us off. I’m sure everything we listen to finds its way into production, for the last couple years we’ve stayed pretty devoted to Severed Heads, The Eurythmics, John Cale, and Depeche Mode.
ATHENS CALLING: Something now about your musical memories .What is your fondest musical memories. In your house or in your neighborhood, in your town or somewhere else.

BOY HARSHER: This isn’t really a fond memory, but one I’ll never forget. I took some acid and didn’t think it worked, so I went to dinner with my family. Yet while in the backseat of my mom’s car, Annie Lennox blasting, I begin to groove uncontrollably with the kick drum. It was hilarious and scary and I was convinced that I would get caught. I feigned sickness and hid in a cousin’s bedroom all night.
ATHENS CALLING: Now something before say good bye, to your really amazing band about your ATHENS PLISSKEN FESTIVAL 2019 show ( 27 June – 21:45 Tunnel ). What do you have to show us?
BOY HARSHER: Honestly can’t wait – Athens is a very dear place.
ATHENS CALLING: Thank you for your interview and all the best for your amazing duo. See you at ATHENS PLISSKEN FESTIVAL 2019!

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