May 28, 2024

Theresa Jarvis… An Interview with Frontwoman from YONAKA

ATHENS CALLING : Hi , it is a big moment for us, that we meet you again after your explosive show at the Weekender Stage of Frequency Festival in Austria .We are there and we really enjoyed it .Now we have returned to Greece…so …welcome to Athens Calling G.R 

THERESA (YONAKA): Hello! nice to speak with you through the internet 

ATHENS CALLING : YONAKA is the name of your band , a curiousness name , tell us please why did you pick your band name and who was the godfather of the name. 

THERESA (YONAKA): I (Theresa) was the Godmother of the name , the name came before the band and it means “The Dead of Night” in Japanese. I started listening to darker music and really getting into the lyrics and realised that i wanted to write out the darker side of my thoughts and demons and then we started writing music and it they went hand in hand. 

ATHENS CALLING : And about your music. Can we characterize indie pop, alternative or garage punk. Really what about is the genre of your music . 

THERESA (YONAKA): We all love lots of music in different styles so it kinda all just comes together, its post genre now i think, we write a song and it feels good we go with it, we don’t focus on it trying to sound or fit into a certain genre. 

ATHENS CALLING : ” TEACH ME TO FIGHT ” is the title of your album ,look we like this revolutionary title. But what would conservative society have to say about it. Tell us please why you give this title. 

THERESA (YONAKA): This is the title of one of the tracks on the EP it’s kinda just saying stop being like everyone else, stop chasing for someone, go outside and do what you want, love how you want and be yourself and don’t take any shit. 

ATHENS CALLING : Which one of the songs is your favourite. 

THERESA (YONAKA): My favourite songs to play live are ‘Fucking with the boss’, and ‘Waves’. My favourite song is probably ‘Fired Up’. 

ATHENS CALLING: … And about the lyrics. With what occasion write the lyrics of your songs. 

THERESA (YONAKA): I write from a real place in my heart and usually from life experiences, i write about intrusive thoughts and stuff that means a lot to me. 

ATHENS CALLING: Now something about your country .We want ask you, your opinion about Brexit … and if you want give an answer, if you don’t… never mind.

THERESA (YONAKA): I voted to stay, i think the poorer people get lied to by the government and can’t be looked after. I am sad the overall voted to leave.

ATHENS CALLING : Something now about the World music scene . Today we have many names in the music scene and I ask you ,who are your favorite Musicians or Groups

THERESA (YONAKA): My idols are Jeff Buckley and Amy Winehouse, My favourite new artists are acts like Brockhampton, Billie Eilish, Twenty One Pilots. 

ATHENS CALLING  What do you love most ,than the two ,to play at the studio or at the stage of the festivals . We ask this ,why the band have, really a very explosive front woman 

THERESA (YONAKA): Personally my favourite place is performing on stage and sharing the experience with everyone in the crowd – it’s the best feeling. Explosive women are the best women. 

ATHENS CALLING : Tell something about your future plans 

THERESA (YONAKA): We have our biggest headline show to date at the Electric ballroom London on 11th October, we also are touring as support on a killer tour later this year but we can’t yet announce and MORE MUSIC. 

ATHENS CALLING : Tell us something about Greece.  

THERESA (YONAKA): I’ve never been to Greece but I would love to come one day (I’m sure we will). 

ATHENS CALLING : Thank you YONAKA for the interview…we will wait you for a concert in Greece. 

THERESA (YONAKA): Thank you! and we will see you there one day in the future.

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