April 25, 2024

The Godfathers! The new album ‘Alpha Beta Gamma Delta’.

Londoners THE GODFATHERS return to their discography again this Autumn, after the album… ΄ This Is War! The Godfathers Live!΄(2019), with a truly amazing album!

THE GODFATHERS have already started presenting their new album since March by performing their concerts in the UK, while the European dates of their appearances will be announced in the coming weeks!

THE GODFATHERS album entitled … ‘Alpha Beta Gamma Delta’ and it certainly opens new renewed paths for the legendary band, which was created in the mid-80’s and which still maintains its explosive music, identity!

In the album ‘Alpha Beta Gamma Delta’, which is released on September 16, there are 13, literally pentagram diamonds!

Its pictorial cover is decorated with 16 square colorful cubes which form a pyramid! On the surface of the sides of the cubes, the four first letters of the Greek alphabet are written in repeating order, in short, a, b, c, d!

Sound Herald of the new GODFATHERS album, is an EP with 4 songs, ΄Midnight Rider΄ which is released on August 26th and which includes 2 songs from ‘Alpha Beta Gamma Delta’ namely ‘Midnight Rider’ and ‘OCD’ ‘ and 2 more songs ‘When The Cowards Fall’ and ‘Fade Away’ which will not be available on the album and are exclusive to the EP only!

For those eager to get their hands on them, both are available for pre-order here and now via the website…


Good luck on the musical roads for the new album ‘Alpha Beta Gamma Delta’ by GODFATHERS, from Ahenscalling.gr webzine of culture team!

In a few days we will have more to say about ‘Alpha Beta Gamma Delta’ the new GODFATHERS album with PETER COYNE!

For the hour a taste of memories… from the great band of 80΄s




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