July 14, 2024


Covid 19 pandemic days! Me and my team are in Athenscalling.gr webzine office, listening from the internet all about the music from all around the world.

At the moment one of my journalist partners, told me…

” Mister T. I want to tell you something, it is necessary, for the link of music to hear the great tribute band…named Strange Kind Of Women “…

He was know all about the band, because he had seen the band, when he was in France live in Courlans at Rock’n’horses Festival 2019. SCOW was in line up of the festival. 

In a few minutes, You tube was in action… and it was the moment when I heard SKOW for the first time…it was something more than amazing. It was all of my magic youth memories and I remembered when I bought the fourth studio album of Deep Purple…”Deep Purple in Rock”, I was 17 years old!

For sure STRANGE KIND OF WOMEN is the only “All Female” Deep Purple Tribute band in the world! It’s an amazing tribute band!

I believe that… Strange Kind Of Women knows how to imitate the magic of Deep Purple music! These five handsome girls with Italian roots is the only tribute band in the world “All Female” to Deep Purple!

SKOW members are: Alteria- vocals, Eliana Cargnelutti – guitars and vocals  Paola Zadra – bass, Margherita Gruden – keyboards and Paola Caridi – drums.

Three days ago from that moment sending Request about an Interview with the  amazing tribute band named STRANGE KIND OF WOMEN and today we have an interview, chatting with the 31th-year-old Eliana Cargnelutti, Eliana is one of the best Italians leading guitarists…guitar player and manager of the STRANGE KIND OF WOMEN band, she also have a solo career with the rock blues band ELIANA CARGNELUTTI BAND.

Athenscalling.gr : Hello from Athens Greece… My dear Eliana! Welcome in ATHENS! Welcome in Athenscalling.gr. We are very happy chatting with a great lead guitarist, like you!

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): Thank you guys, it’s always a honor to have the possibility to advertise my project around the world, especially in Greece, I’ve never been there, but I would like to visit your beautiful places very soon.

Athenscalling.gr : What are you doing…I ask you because these days about COVID-19 pandemic, are difficult times for the people in Italy!  

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): Both for Italy and for the whole world it is truly an absurd period, no one expected a pandemic to come and bring everyone to their knees, economically, physically and psychologically. As a musician, since concerts are not allowed, I’m teaching online a lot and in the meantime I recorded my new solo album.

Athenscalling.gr : Strange Kind of Women is the name of your female band, who was chose the name?

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): I chose the name, it really came out naturally.

Athenscalling.gr : Five talented and beautiful young musicians girls on stage! How did you make that decision to form one female band?

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): There was a time in my life, three years ago, when I was really stuck in my career….I really thought that creating new ideas and new businesses was what I needed to do to expand me better in Europe and to grow as a musician. Before becoming Alice Cooper’s guitarist Nita Strauss was simply the guitarist of a female tribute band of Iron Maiden. So maybe one day I can become the guitarist of some famous artist too… even if sometimes I think that the only thing I care is to play my original music, or the music that is easier for me and that I’m better on, so the Deep Purple’s music in fact.

Athenscalling.gr : Would you like to tell us about your other 4 amazing members of your band? I mean about SKOW.  

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): I contacted the two best musicians in Italy on bass and drums and surprisingly both accepted my invitation. On vocals I always thought of having Alteria, the best rock singer in Italy, she has technique, determination, inspiration, passion and she is a supernatural force. At the keyboard I chose my friend Margherita Gruden, even if she lives in Paris, because no one is able to improvise rock on a hammond better than her in Italy. I have to say I was very lucky to find this talented band and to travel Europe with them.

Athenscalling.gr :And about you? Guitar player and manager and solo career!

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): I’ve always been a rocker, thanks to my brother who always listened to rock music at home… at 7 I started playing the piano, at 9 I start with the guitar… and already at 12 years old I was playing in a metal band, at 14 in a glam rock band, then at the age of 15 I fell in love with blues music and then I formed my band. After two line-up changes, now it’s still my main quartet. We play all over Europe and our third CD will be released in 2021.

Athenscalling.gr: Let’s travel now with the time machine and some questions for you, from the past…Really who was your first music teacher?

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): I have had a lot of music teachers, I studied with a lot of Italian guitarists, but those from whom I have learned the most are definitely SRV, Slash and Blackmore.

Athenscalling.gr: Your fondest musical memories? Maybe in your house? Maybe in your town or in neighborhood? Maybe any where you like…

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): Surely the first concerts I attended in my city made me become more and more passionate about music and one of the best moments I remember was when I played on New Year’s Eve in Udine in the big Piazza 1 Maggio, in front of a few thousand people from my city.

Athenscalling.gr : And now, tell us your best memory from the past.  

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): I always have beautiful memories of my American tours, especially the first one when I was 19. Than I remember when I got on stage in Udine with Steve Vai and when I played in Austria with Ian Paice.

Athenscalling.gr : And about your influences . I think that you have many influences …? 

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): I have a lot of musical influences, from rock to blues, from jazz to pop, from folk to metal. This is why my albums are very variegated. I firmly believe in the contamination between music and cultures.

Athenscalling.gr : I think that you are in 2 blocks of music, one with΄΄ Strange Kind of Women΄΄ hard rock and with Eliana Cargnelutti Band, rock and blues! So I will ask you, what do you love most than the two? 

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): Of course my focus is on my solo carrier, to work as a musician and entertainment for me me it means to realize my own music and to propose it to the world.

Athenscalling.gr : SKOW is a special live band. How do you feel, on stage, with all the fans of the band? With the other girls of the band… with all the on stage risk?

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women):  Being on stage with Strange kind of women is a constant test, and me, as a lover of risk, work and responsibility, I am always very proud of it. I like to get involved, to improvise and to create Blackmore-atmospheres, sounds and  attitudes, for me it comes all very naturally, I often feel a bit “angry” like Blackmore on stage. Having the opportunity to play with good musicians as SKOW increases the desire to play well and to transmit to the audience as much energy as possible.

Athenscalling.gr :You are a young girl so it is naturally to have many dreams for the future …Your first dream please!

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): Buying a house, have more tours in the northern countries and to see a concert of Ritchie Blackmore.

Athenscalling.gr : Lets talk now about some others All Female Tribute Band! For example, do you know any about ZEPPARELLA or BACK:N:BLACK?   

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): Yes I love Zepparella, also in Italy we have a Zeppelin all female tribute, Ladies Zeppelin; and also a female tribute to AC/DC , the ACDChicks.

Athenscalling.gr : Tell us your best … 3 bands, 3 songs and 3 films.

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Metallica… All along the watchtower, Welcome to the jungle, Comfortably Numb… Life is beautiful, Kill Bill, The devil wears Prada.

Athenscalling.gr : Now lets play a game with your first name…Please Eliana fill in the blanks with any words you like, (E)… (L)… (I)… (A)… (N)… (A)…

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women):

(E)Emotions, (L)Lioness , (I)Independence , (A)Artist , (N)Natural and (A)Action!

Athenscalling.gr : Now about  your free time… and of course about your hobby.

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): I don’t have so much free time doing my job, but  I generally like going out for dinner with friends, being with my nephew and doing fitness.

Athenscalling.gr : In Greece we say ΄΄ Una fatsa una ratsa ΄΄ about the Greek and the Italian people … do you know it?

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): I don’t know the phrase, but apparently Italian people have various similarities with Greek people. I would like to come to Greece to get to know you better!

Athenscalling.gr : Tell us your future plans and send any message you like just all around the world.

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): Currently the Italian musical world is stopped, blocked, non-existent, luckily I took my time to record my new album, which I will be able to take with me on tour throughout February 2021 in Germany. Then I will have two tours in England and various dates in France, Austria and Switzerland. So stay tuned on my site www.elianacargnelutti.com ! Let’s support original music and young artists from all over the world.

Athenscalling.gr : Many thanks for the Interview Eliana , all the best to you and to the other four ΄΄Strange Kind of Women΄΄…STAY HEALTHY & STRONG !

ELIANA CARGNELUTTI (Strange Kind of Women): Thank you for your interest and for your time, let’s keep listening to good music, let’s surround us with positive energy and let’s heal the natural gold we all have inside our heart.

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