May 28, 2024

L.E.J. Three Sirens from Saint-Denis!

L.E.J. short for Lucie, Élisa and Juliette, sometimes Elijay, is a French band composed of three women from Saint-Denis.

The French Pentagram Trio, consisting of Lucie, Élisa and Juliette, all three born in 1993 and which became famous by making many top songs since the summer of 2015 in a mashup show!

Their mashup song Summer 2015 has had millions of views on YouTube since August 2015, making it a global hit in less than a month.

Their music is based on classical and world music, described by MTV critic Joseph Lamour as “eclectic”.

Seventeen magazine informs us that the three have been best friends since childhood, appearing together since 2013. Juliette studied cello at the Conservatoire de Saint-Denis and Lucie and Elisa studied vocal technique at the Maîtrise de Radio France, the prestigious French School of Singing, gaining solid classical training.

Lucie Lebrun also plays piano and saxophone and Elisa Paris plays piano and harp.

L.E.J. Three Sirens from Saint-Denis!…

Lucie on sax and vocals, Elisa on drums and vocals and Juliette on cello, guitar, bass and backing vocals, these are L.E.J who have released 4 albums and 13 Singles & EPs to date.

ΑΝ INTERVIEW WITH L.E.J. Across me L.E.J the Three Sirens from Saint-Denis, like the Sirens in HOMER’S ODYSSEY those who bewitched ODYSSEUS with their songs! I am very glad to meet you… Lucie, Élisa and Juliette, welcome in!

L.E.J: Hi, nice to meet you ! We love being street mermaids…… ha ha! From your album L.E.J- Vol.II , the arrangement one of my favorite songs … ΄΄La Bohème!΄΄. How did you feel performing this song Lucie?

Lucie: I love performing this song, it’s my grandmother’s favorite. And also, the meaning of this song resonates a lot with me/us, because we’ve been around a lot in the music business, in the arts in general, and we’ve seen a lot of people emancipate themselves in this field, and one phrase always came to mind: à quand mon/our tour?

It’s not easy to find your place in this world, not because it’s closed, but because it’s a combination of hard work, networking and luck! And you Élisa?

Élisa: I love singing it too because I’m happy with the arrangement we’ve made! I love that it’s energetic, upbeat and determined! I think the mood we brought to it fits my interpretation of the song! The next question is for you my dear Juliette. From the same album another lovely song… ΄΄ Ne Me Quitte Pas ΄΄ … Playing your cello what comes to your mind… any picture… I mean, perhaps from your life, do you have any answer?
Juliette: When we started rearranging this song, there was no cello. I didn’t see the point, as my musical references for the arrangement were baroque voices, something both beautiful and at times dissonant (which is what we like about this period style, as in Pergolese’s Stabat Matter, for example), so the chorus of the arrangement was the pure voices.
After the three of us had recorded the voices, we realized that something was missing: the cello. But we had to find the “perfect” balance so as not to weigh the whole thing down, and perhaps make the version all the more emotionally rich.

We also recorded this version during a period of mourning for all three of us. It was a very sensitive song for us. A great friendship between Lucie, Élisa and Juliette. How do you fell about it … and what is the meaning of friendship ?

Lucie: I think for me it’s synonymous with joy, laughter and time spent together.

Élisa: As with Juliette, it’s the family you choose, the one that listens to you, and with whom sharing is important!

Juliette: For me, it’s synonymous with a family that we choose to build, which comes together even more in difficult times, and where love, solidarity and empathy are the key words! Living in the past do you remember your first album which you bought?

Lucie: Britney Spears – Baby one more time!

Élisa: Jean-Jacques Goldman – chanson pour les pieds!

Juliette: Alizée – Gourmandises! And what is your favorite genre of music and your best singer or band?

Lucie: Rap / Hip-hop , I love Damso, SCH…

Élisa: Electro-techno , and 8Os music !! Queen for example… timeless!

Juliette: Neo-soul/ Neo-rnb… it’s because I have to choose but I’m so passionate, I love every kind of music. I would say, ones of my favorites are James Blake, Rosalia, Sampha, Billie Eilish… Lets travel now in South of Europe… Tell me please do you have any information about my country, about Greece I mean. About music or something else?

Lucie: Yes, we came to play in Athens a few years ago, for a festival! It was great, and we have great memories of it, with a great reception from the public!

Élisa: The first word that comes to my mind is FETA, because I’m obsessed by cheese haha.

But also I remember a lot of beautiful landscapes when I was in Holidays here, and of course our first concert in Anthènes!

Juliette: I’d been to Crete as a child with my grandparents, and it was the first time I’d seen such turquoise water!

As for our concert in Athens, we had time to visit the city, which I loved, with its great atmosphere at night and incredible cuisine (we all enjoyed ourselves)! Just before the concert, I’d had time to eat by the water in a little port. And the next day, we visited the Acropolis, where we walked a long way to get a magnificent view of the whole of Athens. What a great time! What is your favorite from your 4 albums Lucie?

Lucie: Tough question… I’d say Pas Peur. And your best from your EPs?

Élisa: EP I cant tell but I’m a fan of our song Liberté Egalité MBapé. And your favorite from your songs?

Juliette: Maybe l’Epoux d’Un soir… but also it’s a tough question! What is your opinion about Élisa and Juliette, my dear Lucie?

Lucie: There are like my sisters! What gift will you give on November 21 to Lucie birthday, my dear Élisa?

Élisa: It’s a secret, but we all know what is gonna be actually, because it’s the same for us three! A trip in a country we dreamed about! And my next question is for you Juliette! Please describe your girlfriends Lucie and Élisa with one word …

Juliette: It’s impossible… But I can give you their totem animals! Lucie is a butterfly and Elisa a little monkey. Mine is a lion by the way… Any news about the future of your Lovely Trio?

L.E.J: Yes we are in tour for one year or maybe more… !! Thanks for the interview my lovely Trio and my last question is about your message please over around the world.

Lucie: Be in the action, don’t wait!

Élisa: Fight your procrastination… and just do what you need to! (it’s a message for me too…)

Juliette: Be curious, I think it’s the key of freedom.

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