May 28, 2024

ASTRIX… The amazing Musician – DJ/Record Producer

FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL 2019 – 15 August (Thursday)

I think that ASTRIX (Avi Shmailov) is one amazing pioneering psy-trance artists of the universal music scene! He has established himself as a Class A artist and it is clearly heard in his unique and melodic music style.
Playing live and spinning his tunes around the world has helped him pave his way to the DJMAG top 100 DJ list and currently sitting at No. 41, Astrix is one of the few artists in the scene who really makes big waves throughout electronic dance music and gaining universal recognition. Astrix stands out amongst many because what he makes is by no means formulaic dancefloor fodder. It’s clear listening to his music that he is more of a musician and a rare talent indeed.
AthensCalling GR had a chat with ASTRIX (Musician-DJ and Record Producer) and remember that we will have to see him in August … at FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL

ATHENS CALLING: Hello Avi … I am very happy chatting with you. So I must say to you…Mr. Astrix welcome to Athens Calling GR! At first two questions for you, about your stage name… ASTRIX! The first one it means Asterix or something else? And the second, who was the godfather of your stage name?
ASTRIX: It actually has nothing to do with Asterix, though people often ask about it. I don’t even think that I’ve heard of Asterix when I chose the name. It actually was just something that sounded nice to me at the time I started to produce music and needed to choose a name. I often connect to the sound behind words, I think that was the case here.
ATHENS CALLING: In clubs, all of the people applaud the vinyl player, I mean the DJ! Not the music or the musician or the band or the creator of music! Do you agree with it?
ASTRIX: To be honest, for me music and dance isn’t about applause. It is about what you experience with your mind and body when you connect to the music. Of course people often express their feelings with applause and it feels great to get this response. But I’m much happier to see someone dancing with their eyes closed and not even noticing who’s playing the music. For me it really is about the music.
ATHENS CALLING: We can say that we live in the DJ season of music?
ASTRIX: I think you can say that for a very long time now. A DJ is a story teller. He just uses music to tell his stories.
ATHENS CALLING: Tell us about your music. I mean about your music genres?
ASTRIX: I’m not a big fan of genres. While we need to catalog things for our own convenience, limiting music by words can just close people’s minds. But you can say I release mainly electronic dance music, though also some more downtempo stuff. And I try to keep it psychedelic, something that will take you to other realities.
ATHENS CALLING: From your years active 1995 till today,what was your best time?
ASTRIX: I hope the best time of my career is still to come. I consider myself lucky to be able to make a living creating music and playing it to people. Anything else is bonus.
ATHENS CALLING: And your worst moment?
ASTRIX: Of course I had some bad experiences, when you tour so much, it is only obvious. But really, as I said, I feel lucky, and don’t feel I should complain about anything. And anyway, even negative experiences are something we can learn from.
ATHENS CALLING: And your favorite musicians or your favorite bands?
ASTRIX: It just keeps changing. I always seek new music, looking for new sounds. At the moment, for example, I’m exploring underground Russian Hip Hop. You can check a guy called Symptom, for example.
ATHENS CALLING: What are you doing when you have free time? Any hobbies?
ASTRIX: Anything that has to do with Art. I love painting and sculpting. I also love gadgets of all sorts and exploring new implementations of technology.
ATHENS CALLING: : Do you have visited Greece… about one gigs here….?

ASTRIX: Are you kidding? My first ever international gig in 1998 was in Greece. I have been coming back frequently since. I love Greece and Greek people, and totally love Greek food! It’s one of the best cuisines in the world!
I should also mention that I just opened my own label “Shamanic Tales Records”, and the first release coming out soon is a remix to one of my old tracks by Greek artist Hi Profile. I have just played in Thessaloniki in Christmas and hope to come back real soon.

ATHENS CALLING: Hey… I am very sorry ASTRIX… I was joking! Many thanks for the interview…See you again in August at FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL 2019 !

ASTRIX:…. Efcharisto!

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