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Before the Sound check of DEATHDISCO MINIFEST 2K19

At Fuzz Live Music Club SATURDAY FEBRUARY 23 /2019

WHISPERING SONS is a Belgian post – punk band formed in 2013. Their dark sound breathes desperation and nervosity, which translates into an ominous atmosphere. Their first EP ’Endless Party’ was released in December 2015 on Wool-E Tapes and was reissued on vinyl in March 2016 through Minimal Maximal.

In April 2016, the band won Humo’s Rock Rally, Belgium’s most prestigious music competition.

The first full album of WHISPERING SONS titled ‘ Image’.

Band members

Fenne Kuppens – Vocals , Kobe Lijnen – Guitar , Sander Hermans – Synths Tuur Vandeborne – Bass and Sander Pelsmaekers – Drums .

We met the amazing Belgian band for an interview before their own sound check of DEATHDISCO MINIFEST 2K19 , at Fuzz Live Music Club !

ATHENS CALLING : Hello from Athens. Welcome to Athens Calling G.R. I have to tell you that your album IMAGE I think that ,it is an amazing musical creation … 45’ with dark exotic and sad music.

WHISPERING SONS : Thank you! We’ve worked very hard and we’re very happy with the result. It’s great to see that the record is being received well, both in Belgium and abroad.

ATHENS CALLING : Let’s talk about IMAGE . How much time did you need to prepare the album?

WHISPERING SONS : The songs were written over a period of 18 months. It took some time because we were touring a lot back then. Which was also an advantage for us, because we were able to play the new songs live and see if they worked. After we decided on the songs, we went to the studio in January 2018 for 10 days and recorded the album.

ATHENS CALLING : Now about your music and the lyrics of your songs?

WHISPERING SONS : Writing music is a way to channel our emotions and frustrations, something that works best when we bring the songs live. When we write music, we always start of with the instrumental parts. Afterwards I add the vocal melody and lyrics. We try out the song a couple of times in our rehearsal space and then we take it to our live shows.

ATHENS CALLING : Tell us please about your favorite song from IMAGE . Which one of the 10 songs is your favorite and why?

WHISPERING SONS : That’s a difficult question, because it differs in every situation. I think songs like Hollow, Got A Light and Waste are our favorites to play live, because they are very intense. And No Image is definitely a special one. It’s completely different from everything we’ve ever done and everything that’s on the record. It started out as a typical guitar-driven Whispering Sons-song, but it got a complete transformation in the studio, which makes it a very memorable song for us.

ATHENS CALLING : Do you have some influences?

WHISPERING SONS : Of course, every band has its influences. We’re influenced by music that we like to listen to, and we make music that we would like to hear ourselves. We started from the new wave and post-punk of the eighties, but always try to do something with it that comes from ourselves. In the end, it’s about what you express, not where your influences come from.

ATHENS CALLING : … WHISPERING SONS is the name of your band ,who was the Godfather of your name?

WHISPERING SONS : The name is from the song ‘Whispering Sons’ by Danish band Moral. We started covering it during our first rehearsals, before we even had a name for the band. Everything seemed to fall into place when we played it, so we settled on it as the name of our band because it just felt right.

ATHENS CALLING : What do you love most of the two ,live shows or in the studio?

WHISPERING SONS : We prefer to play live, since we’re not really studio-wizards. We absolutely enjoyed being in the studio though. It was a very interesting experience and we learned a lot in the process of recording our album. Some of those things we will probably take back to the writing process of our second album. But live is just so much more intense and energetic. The interaction with the crowd is something we feed on

ATHENS CALLING : Do you know something about Greece and tell us please about your concerts plans and of course about DEATHDISCO MINIFEST 2K19 in Athens on 23 February at Fuzz Live Music Club!

WHISPERING SONS : We’ve played at Death Disco one time before, which was a very fun experience. We’ve never been to Athens before that and we were very surprised by the warm welcome we got there. People were very open and welcome towards us. Athens is also a very nice place to explore, so we’re very happy to be back! It’s going to be a good show!

ATHENS CALLING : Thank you for the Interview …all the best for your band!


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