June 18, 2024

An Interview with IN EXTREMO

IN EXTREMO  is  a German amazing medieval  metal band originating from Berlin  The band’s musical  style combines metal with medieval traditional songs blending the sound of the standard rock / metal instruments with the historical instruments Harp-Shawn-Bagpipes and Hurdy Gurdy.  

The amazing sound effect IN EXTREMO band and of course their presence this Summer at our favorite NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL in Austria gave us the opportunity to talk to them with an interview!

We are really glad to chat with the singer, MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN

ATHENS  CALLING : Hello  Michael, hello IN EXTREMO .Really I am very happy for this interview with Your Band ! For sure, I think that your music is fantastic, with bagpipes, harp, Shawn hurdy – gurdy and many others historical musical instruments.     

MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN(IN EXTREMO): The pleasure is on our side hello Athena! Ηello Greece!


MICHAEL ” DAS LETZTE EINHORN ” RHEIN  ( IN EXTREMO ) :  Well , in the beginning I was singing in a Rock band and in a medieval ensemble at same time, in the end   I couldn’t manage the rehearsals for 2 projects at same time anymore, so I decided to “merge” both bands into one group – that’s when IN EXTREMO was founded.

ATHENS  CALLING : In fact, how we can characterize your music genre ?

MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN (IN EXTREMO): There is a common term for it in Rock&Metal medias which is called “Medieval Rock”, but at least it is also connected with Folk Rock, Industrial and Pagan Metal at same time.

ATHENS  CALLING : What is the reason, that you write the lyrics of your songs?


MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN (IN EXTREMO): All members in In Extremo write lyrics or bring in some input based on different experiences…so there is not one answer for that…at least we bring historical stories, old languages, some typical “German” fairy tales and our own perspective on the worlds history  into our songs, lyrics and music.


ATHENS  CALLING : IN EXTREMO , who is the godfather of this name?

MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN (IN EXTREMO): It’s a Latin “phrase” which can be (free) translated as “into perfection”. And it sounds fantastic!


ATHENS  CALLING : The years active of the band is from 1995 until today, how do you feel about it ?

MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN (IN EXTREMO): We are VERY grateful that we can play our music for such a long time and even gain our success and recognition with it internationally over the years. The fact that we both are talking now it’s such a gift for an artist, that people from outside start to be interested in your music and we have the best fans in the world…and all over the world! We are VERY thankful and we feel totally blessed that we are in such a position today. 2020 we have our 25th anniversary…let’s see what future brings!

ATHENS  CALLING : What do you love most of the two ,live shows or in the studio?


ATHENS  CALLING : Live period ,tell us about it ?

MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN (IN EXTREMO): We are still on tour with our latest album, QUID PRO QUO, but we will bring a few changes in our set lists for 2019 for sure. Maybe even some older tracks that some fans might have been missing for a longer time in our set lists…and we will bring some pyro as well, because fire is something we REALLY love on stage!

ATHENS  CALLING : Let’s go now to the world music scene … Really who are your favorite musicians , band and what is your favorite music genre ? 

MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN (IN EXTREMO): That’s really way too many to tell…since we are 7 in the band and we have all different roots and backgrounds … sorry !

ATHENS  CALLING :  40 Wahre Lieder is the title of your new album, tell  us about it

MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN (IN EXTREMO): Actually it’s a Best Of Compilation presenting our own favorite songs…some single tracks, some rare tracks, some old songs, some new tunes…we love it!

ATHENS  CALLING : I would like to talk now about NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL. You are there , so many times and for this Summer in JUNE and I want to ask you… which are  the worst or the best moments of the band at this festival ?

MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN (IN EXTREMO): The Nova Rock team, crew – and the fans there for sure – were always very good to us , we have to admit…we love the festival, the atmosphere…I think our last time was in 2015, we had an early afternoon slot and is was freaking hot, but all the fans  were chanting  loudly “In Extremo, In Extremo ” –  and the show was REALLY fantastic from the very beginning to the end. The festival crowd freaked out completely. It’s the best thing in the world when the energy from stage and the energy from the audience kind of “melt” in the middle and things begin to completely get out of control! Just check out this link…


ATHENS  CALLING :  And about your future of the band maybe another new C.d ?

MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN (IN EXTREMO): Right now we are working on a new album already, but we can’t tell when this will be released yet…we constantly work on new songs and music, but it shouldn’t last too long with a new album, I would say…maybe in 2020 when we have our anniversary?! That would be a perfect match, new album + 25th anniversary, right?

ATHENS  CALLING : Many thanks for your interview and you need to know that your band IN EXTREMO is in our heart! Good bye for the moment, we will meet you again in June… at your NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL 2019 live show  !  

MICHAEL “DAS LETZTE EINHORN” RHEIN (IN EXTREMO): Yep, thanks so much for your questions and we hope to come also to Greece / Athens once!!! Cheers – see you at Nova Rock!

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