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THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND is an American great garage rock band that formed in 1965 in Los Altos, California. The band went through several lineup changes during its existence. Combining psychedelic and garage rock components, their sound was marked by David Aguilar’s lead vocals, songwriting, as well as proto punk musical arrangements. The band’s rebellious musical posture made them one of the harder-edged groups of the period with many critics labeling them as America’s answer to the Rolling Stones.

In the year 2019… THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND, released, after 7 years from their album ‘Revolutions Reinvented’, the new brilliant album with the revolution title … ‘This is my voice’!!! 

Today the members of the band are, David Aguilar: lead vocals, harmonica, synths keyboards, guitars- Derek See: guitar, vocals, keyboards- Alec Palao: bass, backing vocals – Gary Andrijasevich: drums, backing vocals and ο  Tim Abbott – lead guitar!

In the Year 2020, month January, Athens Calling G.R, had an interesting interview with the guitarist and a member of THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND… Tim Abbott!  

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Hi Tim it is a great time for us, speaking with a veteran and legendary producer/musician… teacher and member of the great band with the name … THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND !  Welcome in Athens Calling G.R dear friend!   At first I would like to ask you about your first teacher in music… who was?

TIM ABBOTT (THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND): I started playing guitar at age 8 and I don’t remember my first teacher. My second teacher and I really didn’t hit it off. I would say my main teacher was a 12 year old kid that was really hot, he could play Chuck Berry, B. B. King and lots of great pop songs. His name was Steve Catalico and last I heard he was touring with Bobby Helms, but that was a long time ago.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: …And about your influences, tell us about all of them.

TIM ABBOTT (THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND): I have a lot of influences, starting with Elvis Presley, Little Richard, James Brown and Bobby Blue Bland were very big. Another major influence for me was Michael Bloomfield from the Paul Butterfield band.          

ATHENS CALLING G.R: O.k. Tim! After seven years from the album ‘Revolutions Reinvented’ a new album of your band in 2019…  Let’s talk now about the brilliant new album of your band… ‘ ‘ This is My Voice ‘ ‘ ! How did you choose this title?  

TIM ABBOTT (THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND): This is My Voice is the title of one of our songs on the album. The idea of the song is that the young generation coming up needs to be heard.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: … And how much time did you need to prepare it?

TIM ABBOTT (THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND): We have been playing around with these tracks for several years and really got serious about putting together an album in 2018.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Which one of the 11 songs is your favorite and why?

TIM ABBOTT (THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND): The song Secret Rendezvous is one of my favorites, but I also really like Judgement Day.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND, they have about two  periods of their history years active (1965-1970 and 1999- present)tell us about the best or the worst moment of the band.

TIM ABBOTT (THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND): I joined the band in 1967 and my first gig was in front of 50,000 people. Very cool start. We had some great dates in the 60’s with major artists like, The Doors, Moby Grape, The Fifth Dimension, Frank Zappa and many others. The worst gig for us was a couple of years ago in Oakland. It wasn’t promoted and was very disappointing.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Who was the Godfather of  your band name?

TIM ABBOTT (THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND): The band has been through several versions, but the name came with members sitting around the college lounge and throwing out words. Somebody said Chocolate and somebody else said Watchband and it stuck.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: In the year 2020 … Too many bands … many names , also we have reunions from the past. Give us the name of your favorite musicians/bands 

TIM ABBOTT (THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND): So many! We love the Stones and Queen, the Kinks, The Yardbirds were our bands influences in the early years. More recently The Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd and lots of others.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: And about Greece… Would you like to tell us, if you know a Greek songwriter or a singer or a song? 

 TIM ABBOTT (THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND): I think that the band Baby Guru is pretty interesting.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: At last do you have to say any message to your fans

TIM ABBOTT (THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND): Big thanks for all your support. We are looking forward to coming to Greece. We had some dates set up a few years back but there were some problems and we couldn’t do them.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: All the best to you and THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND. Have all the best for the New Year 2020 and many thanks for the interview Tim.

TIM ABBOTT (THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND): Thanks again for keeping our music alive!

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