June 18, 2024

SOFI TUKKER Interview with the Hot Music duo from N.Y

Sofi Tukker … is an American  Amazing and Very Hot Music duo based in New York consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern.

The band is perhaps best known for its song ’’Best Friend‘’, which was featured in a commercial during Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone X, as well as their 2017 Grammy nominated song “Drinkee.”

Sofi Tukker have a recognizable and modern sound, in their case inspired by the 90s music, from jungle-pop vibrations, to contagious house, afro and Latino rhythms.

November 2018, surfing the internet, we saw ,among the others news , that one of the most popular European Music Festival, announced at first, for the next year(2019) one name of the line up… ‘’ Hot duo Sofi Tukker brings global hits to EXIT 2019 ‘’

A few days ago we chatted online with the explosive and very hot duo  SOFI TUKKER.     


ATHENS CALLING: Hello from Athens ,at first it is necessary to tell , that we are very happy  that we ‘’meet’’ your fantastic music duo!


SOPHIE (SOFI TUKKER) : Thanks! We really hope to come to Greece soon! 


ATHENS CALLING: How can we characterize your music… Electronic- New wave Synthpop – or something else


SOPHIE (SOFI TUKKER) : We try not to define our genre because then it could be limiting when we are creating. We just make what we want to hear and our influences are all over the place! You can always dance to our music though. 



ATHENS CALLING: Spring of the year 2018 and ‘’Treehouse’’ is the title of your first studio album. How did you come up with the title of this album .   


SOPHIE (SOFI TUKKER): It’s about the childhood spirit of play and freedom that comes from being in a Treehouse. A magical and inclusive space where you can be yourself and create things and make up your own rules! That’s what we realized we wanted to do with our music and in the environment of our shows.


ATHENS CALLING: How much time did you need to prepare ‘’Treehouse’’album.


SOPHIE (SOFI TUKKER): We wrote the songs over the course of a year and a half but as we were doing it we didn’t realize we were in the process of making an album and we didn’t have a label telling us we needed to finish one or impose a deadline on us or anything. We were just making things and having fun and at a

certain point we realized that this collection of songs told a story that we wanted to tell. 


ATHENS CALLING: Which one of  ‘’Treehouse’’ songs, is your favorite and why.

SOPHIE (SOFI TUKKER): We can’t choose! They’re all our babies and they’re all for different moods. 

 Lets travel now in the year 2016 ,tell us please something about the song ‘’Drinkee’’. I think that is your first song that many people loved your duo.


SOPHIE (SOFI TUKKER): Drinkee was the first song we made together. We wrote it our last week of college and it was the first thing we did totally collaboratively. 


ATHENS CALLING: Something now about your musical memories .What are your fondest musical memories. In your house or in your neighborhood, in your town or somewhere else.


SOPHIE: I made a band in third grade with my girlfriends. We were called the Amazon girls and we made up a bunch of songs and choreography about being girls who don’t need boys!


TUCKER: I was in a band in middle school that was essentially a blink-182 cover band. I was the drummer and we were called The Salty Donuts. 

Really who was your first teacher in music.

SOPHIE : My first teacher was my choir teacher, Toni Jove. I am still in touch with her. My friends and I loved singing so much that we asked her to come and teach us on Sundays! And she did! 


TUCKER: Warren – my drum teacher. Super cool guy I wanted to be just like him. 

Today we have many names in the music scene and I must ask you who are your favorite musicians- Groups or CD’s

SOPHIE (SOFI TUKKER): Stromae and Die Antwoord are two of our favorites.

ATHENS CALLING: Tell us please about your Tour dates and how do you feel when you are live .


SOPHIE (SOFI TUKKER): We are traveling non-stop until 2019 at least! We moved out of our apartments to live on the road full time, because it’s our favorite thing ever! 


ATHENS CALLING: O.K something now about Greece .You have visited Greece and if you have a plan about one concert here .

SOPHIE (SOFI TUKKER): We’ve never been but we would LOVE to!


ATHENS CALLING: Many thanks for your interview and all the best in your Music career .

SOPHIE (SOFI TUKKER): Thank you! Hope to see u soon!


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