May 28, 2024

OPUS-LIVE IS LIFE… Interview with Ewald “Sunny” Pfleger

2021, first days of a New Year and pandemic of COVID-19 continue a terrible trip around the world and the only hope is the vaccine!

The world of art is in disaster, theaters, cinemas and music in despair, but we hope in better days… because the hope dies last and life goes on.

New Year, new days, a new life and many wishes for the next days of the year to go all well!

Me and my team we are in webzine office, listening from the internet some songs from all around the world… thinking to find a song dedicated to the new year, a song that gives hope, strength and joy for the coming days of the year.

And here is the song for the New Year… “Live Is Life” is a song originally recorded in 1984 by Austrian pop/rock group OPUS from Graz. The band is chiefly known for its 1985 great hit song single title ΄΄Live is Life΄΄ which reached the Top 10 in several European countries! Yes here is the song of the New Year…”Live Is Life” by OPUS!

OPUS formed in 1973 and the group remains active today, with the four members Herwig Rüdisser – vocals,  Ewald Pfleger – guitar/ backing vocals, Kurt Rene Plisnier – keyboard and Günter Grasmuck – drums/ percussion.

About the song ΄΄ Live is Life΄΄, we will say that It was a European number-one hit in the summer of 1985. The single also reached number one in Canada and was a top 40 hit in the US in 1986. It has been covered by many artists throughout the years like, Axxis, Vollker Racho, Thomas Stips, Vitale Sax and the very amazing cover … OPUS and Thomas Stipsits and Christian Kolonist, with the Opus pocus Orchestra, Recorded live on the 7th of December 2015 in Austria, at the Opera House of Graz.

If you want to see all the news and the history about OPUS pop/rock band you can find it … at 

We believe that OPUS is a great pop/rock band, it is necessary to see the band on stage… the show of the band it is something more than great!

OPUS and ΄΄Live is Life΄΄ and one day of January, we had a very interesting interview with the amazing guitar player of the band and composer of the great hit song΄΄Live Is Life ΄΄…  Mister Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger! Hi Austria… Dear Ewald, welcome in! It is a great time for us, chatting you!

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): Thanks for calling and making this interview with me. We feel very honered that you chosed “Live Is Life” for your song of the New Year! At first I will ask you …Where are you now and what are you doing all of these days with COVID- 19 Pandemic?

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): I`m at my studio working on different Opus activities & plans, but me and my wife Andrea have now more time for cooking, reading books, walking & talking, and so on…  ‘ ‘ Live is life, Live is life, Live is life… When we all give the power
we all give the best. Every minute of an hour, don’t think about a rest! Then you all get the power you all get the best! When everyone gives everything and every song everybody sings ’ ‘…

… Look my dear friend, I must say to you that living Pandemic days, during the lock down, near in my house, is one dj apartment. At the first day of the week, he was starting his music program, with many songs! But every Monday evening the first song of his play list… was ΄΄ Live is Life΄΄, we heard from the open window of his house the song ΄΄ Live is Life΄΄ and the entire neighborhoods dance, with your hit  and amazing classic song…What have to say about it…?

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): Many thanks for this info, we heard about our song doing very well again in those Pandemic days. I can imagine that “Live Is Life” is very fitting right now because it transports some kind of energy that brings positive, optimistic feelings in these hard times for everybody ΄΄ Live is Life΄΄ is a great song and from 1984 until today stay alive you are the composer of the song, on what occasion it was done the creation of it? I mean about the music and the lyrics.

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): It was a kind of birthday song for our 11th anniversary party when we recorded our first live album with about 5000 fans in Oberwart/Austria. The plan was to create an album title track, a sing-a-long song that everybody could sing with us. One song, one hit and I will ask you… It is good or bad for you and for OPUS? 

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): When we started the band, we dreamed about having an international hit song, so we reached this goal and are very happy and proud about it! But we never expected that this success could last for so long…:-))) In addition we also made 16 albums and wrote hundreds of other titles! ΄΄ Live is Life΄΄… and ahead of Napoli’s semifinal clash with Bayern Munich in 1989, Diego Maradona danced his way through his pregame warm up to the song “Live Is Life” … How do you feel it?

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): Maradona’s dancing & juggling was a highlight, a big moment in our career and it’s making us very proud – but we were very sad about his passing away! Let’s talk now about your last album,΄΄ΟPUS MAGNUM΄΄ (double CD) and the ΄΄OPUS MAGNUM΄΄(Limited Fanbox). 

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): Yes, it’s our final work with a lot of brand new material plus older songs, a gift for our fans, because we’re gonna finish our career with the Opus-Goodbye Tour this year… Some plans for the future after the ΄΄OPUS MAGNUM΄΄any new songs or some concerts?

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): The very last concerts with Orchestra & a lot of “Special Guests” will be taking place in our home town Graz this December, at the Opera, and may also be broadcasted on TV plus we might release it on DVD And now let’s travel in the past… Do you remember your first teacher in music? 

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): Of course, he was the father of Walter (Walter was the original founder of our band) Franz Bachkönig, he taught me how to play the accordion Your great and best moment in your career? 

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): The second version of the “Live Is Life” recording on the 4th of September 1984 in Oberwart You are a great guitarist and I will ask you now to tell us your Best Top 5 Guitarist, around the world.

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): Eric Clapton, David Gilmore, Eddie van Halen, Santana, John Mayer Do you remember what was your first album that you bought ?

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): The Doobie Brothers! And your best singer or band?

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): The best singer is Herwig (Opus), the best band Queen! Do you know any about Greece…about Greek music, or anything else my country…?

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): Of course: Aphrodite’s Child, Vangelis, Demis Roussos and our friend in Zante, Pavlos Linardos! When we played a concert in summer of 2012 at the amphitheater in Zakynthos, he joined us and sang our “Live Is Life” with Greek lyrics! Thank you Ewald about your interview and we will wait OPUS for a concert in Greece… because here there are many fans of your group.

Ewald „Sunny“ Pfleger ( OPUS ): May be again in Zante this summer?? Thank you and all the best from Austria!



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