June 18, 2024

JADEL! The Princess of Soca!

It was 26 February in the year 2020, when we heard for the first time, ΄΄JADEL΄΄ and her debut album entitled ΄΄ Call me Jadel΄΄ with 11 real explosive dance songs of soca… it was fantastic sound!

Today in the year 2021 the same album, is the sound for all these Summer Nights, without Quarantine Days ! 

Jardine Cherelle Legere also known as “Jadel” is an independent recording artist that is passionate about music from the island of Trinidad and Tobago.

JADEL, she’s a singer, songwriter, pianist, mother, she is a great talent and a very beautiful woman. At the age of 9, Jadel discovered her passion for music. Her first official steps in music began in her school and church choir. She sang in the choir well through her secondary school years.

In 2014, She collaborated on the musical projects entitled Haunted and “Static” with established Soca songwriter and producer Kernal Roberts alongside Machel Montano. In 2019 Jadel followed up the success with her hit single “Jam Day” which became a huge carnival favorite and gained her a spot one again in the International Soca Monarch Semi-finals.

The Success of ΄΄Jam Day΄΄ motivated her to go on a North American-Caribbean tour, during this tour she was the opening act for KES the Band, at the world-famous Best Buy Theatre.

In the year 2020 saw the release of Jadel’s debut album with 11 explosive songs entitled ΄΄Call Me Jadel΄΄!

Νow available on all digital streaming platforms featuring the past hit releases ΄΄Round N Round΄΄, ΄΄Dominate΄΄ and ΄΄Jam Day΄΄ as well as new releases such as ΄΄Hold Me Close΄΄, ΄΄Priority – Andrew Denny Mix΄΄, also with the fantastic artistic video clip… ΄΄ On D Low ΄΄ and before 3 months ago THE EXPLOSIVE HIT SONG FOR THE SUMMER… ΄΄Desert It All΄΄

Hot days in Greece! A very hot Summer without Quarantine, but with all the precautions for the COVID- 19 Pandemic!

Summer in the city and a hot day we talked online with THE REAL PRINCESS OF SOCA… JARDINE CHERELLE LEGERE also known as “JADEL” !

Athenscalling.gr: Hi my dear JADEL. Welcome in Athenscalling.gr! We are incredibly happy chatting you!

JADEL: it’s a pleasure a d much Thanks

Athenscalling.gr: At first, I will ask you about all the crazy days leaving today! About Pandemic days of COVID-19. Where are you now? How do you pass all these crazy COVID-19 days? 

JADEL: so I’m currently in America but it has been a Rollercoaster of Emotions. Good and Bad but I always put the positive aspects first dwell on it and accept the negative…I bonded well with my 2-year-old daughter. I did course …did self-advancements and created a fallback plan

Athenscalling.gr: And about all the kind the project of Vaccines, what do you think about it?

JADEL: I’m just waiting it out, but I don’t have anything against I waiting it out a bit and not rushing

Athenscalling.gr: O.K. let’s talk my dear about you… Look, for sure all of my Athens calling webzine team, they gave you one and only one characterization saying for you… JADEL! Real Princess of Soca! Have to say something about it? Do you agree with my team?

JADEL: I’m so flattered to be called …Princess of Soca by your team …and you all got me blushing lol

Athenscalling.gr: You are singer, songwriter, pianist, and mother, also an incredibly beautiful woman. So if it easy for you vote please with a number from 1 to 10 the following, Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Mother, and very beautiful woman…  

JADEL: um self-praise is no praise I’ll leave it up to you to Rate me loll….

Athenscalling.gr: Your music sound is Soca, but it is Power Soca, Groovy Soca, Ragga Soca… what of all?

JADEL: yea there are a lot of fusions and Crossovers. DancehallSoca and also RnB Soca also afro Beats

Athenscalling.gr: Tell us about the lyrics of your songs?

JADEL: they are very intimate, sensual, and fun it shows confidence and boss like behaviors loll


Athenscalling.gr: And your influences?

JADEL: my Role Model is Destra Locally and Mariah and d Beyonce internationally 

Athenscalling.gr: Just a little … living in the past, do you remember you’re first teacher in music? 

JADEL: yes, Mr Anthony Woodruff and MS Merl Albino Decoteau

Athenscalling.gr: And your first album ?

JADEL: I did my first Album last year Actually

Athenscalling.gr: O.K. with the past and today can you tell us your favorite 5 names in music, that you like to hear?

JADEL: yes…the weekend…Rihanna…Beyonce…Mariah and Michael Jackson

Athenscalling.gr: Jadel you have an incredibly beautiful voice and amazing songs … But also you are a mother, tell us please about JADEL as MOTHER?

JADEL: Jadel aa a mother is a new improved changed woman…I’m deeply motivated and business oriented just about making it so far to provide for my daughter and give her all that I can to make her future the brightest most prosperous Happy one…I live for her…and she go Everywhere with me

Athenscalling.gr: Also you are an incredibly beautiful woman, you are like a model and now please tell us how it easy for you, that you are an incredibly beautiful woman, this helps your career?

JADEL: well thank you once again for the beautiful complements appreciate it…. it’s has its challenges, and it perks….to me trying to do business and having people keep their professionalism is where it the ds to falter but for Marketingpurposes it somewhat help to a point, but u cannot use beauty alone no way to advance in life

Athenscalling.gr: And in your career, best time?

JADEL: my best time was 2018 Soca monarch finals stage for my song Round n Round and this year with my new song Deserve it All having 1.8million views in 2 months 

Athenscalling.gr: Sorry but really do not know, you are preparing a new one album for 2021?

JADEL: Yes, most like I will I had one last year

Athenscalling.gr:  Before the end of our chatting. Do you know something about my country about Greece?

JADEL: yes, I visited Greece last two years and it was the most beautiful place especially Santorini…I love Athens too and all the ancient Artifacts 

Athenscalling.gr: Thank you my dear PRINCESS OF SOCA… for your interview! Please give your message to the people.

JADEL: Thank you again for having Me and would like for you all to follow me on Instagram @callmejadel and do stream.mtlatest songs Deserve it All and on d Low low 





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