June 18, 2024

Interview THE MYSTERY LIGHTS Musical Explosion from N.Y…Live in Athens! 19 Feb/ 2020 Live Music Space GAGARIN 205

The Mystery Lights is a band from N.Y that came to stay, forever ! 

With authentic rock and roll sound the members of the band are Mike Brandon LA Solano, Alex Q Amini, Zach Butler and Lily Rogers!

Athens Calling G.R Team, impressed for the amazing band The Mystery Lights  had a really interesting on line interview, with the founding member of the band  the amazing Singer / Guitarist Mike Brandon – The Mystery Lights!


ATHENS CALLING G.R: Hi from Athens .At first you should know that I believe that your music is a hot musical explosion!

MIKE BRANDON (The Mystery Lights): Thank you very much, glad you dig it!  

ATHENS CALLING G.R: In fact, how we can characterize your music genre?

MIKE BRANDON (The Mystery Lights): I couldn’t really characterize it anymore, or give it a specific music genre. I try my best to stay away from boxing it in to a specific genre really. I want to let it be it’s own thing // become it’s own character // let people decide for themselves. 

ATHENS CALLING G.R: And about the lyrics and the music of your songs?

MIKE BRANDON (The Mystery Lights): It’s fun, and extremely therapeutic. 

ATHENS CALLING G.R: What have to say for your new album?   

MIKE BRANDON (The Mystery Lights): It’s titled ‘Too Much Tension!’ And it’s our second LP released on Wick Records (Daptone records subsidiary). Engineered and co-produced by Wayne Gordon. 

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Which one of the 11 songs is your favorite and why?

MIKE BRANDON (The Mystery Lights): My personal favorite is “It’s Alright”…I like singing that specific melody, and really like the feeling I get when playing it. I resonate with all the lyrics in every song, but this song specifically I seem to resonate with the most. I also love when luis kicks into his guitar solo… gets me excited. It’s also that point in the set near the end when things mellow out in a vibey way. Gives me a minute to relax and ‘vibe’ out. 


ATHENS CALLING G.R : Some friends of mine they told me, that it is necessary to see your live show… so I would like to ask you, what do you love most, than the two, to play at the studio or at the stage of the clubs and festivals?

MIKE BRANDON (The Mystery Lights): Both have their own charms…The spontaneity of the live shows and the energy from the crowd always makes playing live a good time, but the studio process is more creative and experimental. Trying to capture that live sound and energy is always fun. The songs are fresh and emotions raw. After this tour we’re definitely very excited to get back into the studio with Wayne and track some new songs! Been a while….!


ATHENS CALLING G.R: Today we have many names in the music scene but also we have many reunions from the past. Please give us the name of your favorite musicians- Groups or CD’s.

MIKE BRANDON (The Mystery Lights): Billy Childish, Fred and Toody Cole (of Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows, The Rats, Western Front), Mark e. Smith and the Fall, Velvet Underground, CAN, Lee Hazlewood, Ben Wallers (Country Teasers and The Rebel), Television, Wu Tang Clan….the list can go on and on and on and on and on and on forever and ever and ever and ever and likely never end…. 

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Yes .Let’s ” travelling ” now in Greece. Would you like to tell us, if you know a Greek songwriter or a singer or a song? 

MIKE BRANDON (The Mystery Lights): Hmmm, can’t think of any off the top of my head. I’m sure there must be some, but I’m blanking… Introduce us! 


ATHENS CALLING G.R: Before the end of the interview… tell us about your show on 19 February / 2020 at Live Music Space GAGARIN 205!    

MIKE BRANDON (The Mystery Lights): Come see for yourself!


ATHENS CALLING GR: O.k many thanks for the interview and all the best for the New Year 2020… Have a great day man… See you on February! 


MIKE BRANDON (The Mystery Lights): … Thank you very much and see you soon!!!!!! 


Mike B. // The Mystery Lights 


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