May 28, 2024

CORLYX… Caitlin Stokes! The Dark Wave Princess!

…A few words about CORLYX.

 Corlyx was formed in Los Angeles in 2015, is a Darkwave duo, with the meeting of singer-songwriter Caitlin Stokes and Producer/Guitarist Brandon Ashley.The duo released their first EP “One Of Us” one year following Corlyx’s inception, then moved to Berlin Germany to work on their first full-length album“Music 2F2”.

Berlin brought so much inspiration to their music and songwriting, the grotesque landscape of the inner city allowed the Duo of Corlyx to fully express their darker inclinations.  Following this, Corlyx relocated to the UK, to work on their second studio Album “In2 The Skin” (released August 16th 2019. The pair would then develop their live show, touring in both countries, Germany and England.

Corlyx releases the albums, Music 2 F 2 (2018), In2 The Skin (2019), Together Apart (2020) and in the year 2021, the first amazing diamond single The Echo off upcoming album Blood In The Disco, out on Negative Gain Productions February 2022, ́Τhe Echó ́ song it is a Music Video Directed and Edited by Caitlin Stokes of Corlyx and Twisted Eye Photography. The song written and produced by Corlyx, mixed and mastered by Dtuned Brighton Productions. Special Guest on the Bass Davide Rocco.

Chatting with the Dark Wave Princess… Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX)!

It was an October morning in the year 2021! Listening again and again from my computer, The Echo, the first song off upcoming album Blood In The Disco, of duo CORLYX , I had a chat with Caitlin the lead singer of the CORLYX duo! Hello Caitlin, nice to meet you! I believe that you are.. The Dark Wave Princes… My dear Princes welcome in

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): Thank you for having me! Happy to hear my music is reaching the lovely people of Athens! Where are you now and how you passed all these crazy days of  the pandemic… about COV-19?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): Right now I’m in Turin Italy, hanging out for a few months but I live in the uk near London…And about the vaccines?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): Yeah we took our jabs, sort of have to if you want to travel, or go to restaurants, or play concerts…. I personally had almost no symptoms from covid, but I took the vaccine anyway because I think it’s the right thing to do, however I do not judge anyone else for their decisions regarding medical treatments, that’s not my thing! Living in the past, I think that you are, a Surgical Technologist for 1 1/2 years at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach and 11 years at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills California, specializing in Neurosurgery… and then in the road and the spirit of music? How did this happen?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): Haha! Yeah you did your research that’s cool! I always was a musician but this career isn’t a very reliable income, and I never had anyone helping me to do music before, so I had to have a good day job, I love helping people, I love anatomy, so nursing and surgery always fascinated me. I really loved it, but my heart always wanted to do music full time, I was lucky enough to meet my partner Brandon Ashley who made this dream come true, and with his support in many different ways, I was able to focus on music full time. I’m happy I had medicine in my past, I learned a lot, and helped save many lives. And now about CORLYX! At first I will ask you about your name CORLYX, who was the Godfather of the name?I mean who gave the name CORLYX?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): I dreamt about the name when I was 13, it just came to me in a dream, my future self said to me, in the dream, the name of your band is Corlyx, and she spelled this name to me over and over until I woke up. I wrote it down and forgot about it for 15 years, then when I started working with Brandon, I asked him, what do you think of the name Corlyx? He loved it instantly. So I guess it was fate. O.k about it! Now I must say to you something about your new song The Echo, it is a great song! I like the music of the song, the lyrics and all about the video clip! So tell us for all about it. About the music, the lyrics and the video clip, of the song.

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): I’m glad you like it! Lyrically The Echo is about depression, I believe it’s always chasing us, and we have to work every day to fight it off, we all have that dark side, sometimes it’s hard to look at.Musically this track is very post-punk inspired, but I don’t really sing like a post- punker, so there’s a difference there, and also the production is quite massive and transparent, so quite modern I’d say….post-punk/darkwave for 2021. The Echo, is the first single by CORLYX the new album Blood In the Disco, out on Negative Gain Productions, in February 2022. Blood In the Disco, a title that does something to me like a police story and I will ask you why choose this title for your new album?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): No not a police story, it’s more of spin from the Dark Italia Disco music scene,which some of the bpm’s on this record emulate,all very uptempo, danceable… and very goth,… so yeah Blood In The Disco soundedappropriate. Corlyx releases three albums until now, in fact how can we characterize your music genre? Dark Wave electronic or something else?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): Our first record was Dark Pop, second was more Industrial/Grunge, third was definitely more on the goth side, darkwave/post-punk-y….and this fourth album will be a mix of all of it, everything we have ever done musically, it will all be on one glorious record, so get ready for your head to spin, some people might get confused by this but I really just need to be free to do whatever I want or what’s the point, no one is getting rich in the scene anyway, so we do it for the love of art. If you have an open mind you will enjoy the mixture of synth pop, synth wave, dark wave, and post-gothic. I like many of your songs, not all but many! So I will ask you about the music and the lyrics of your song, how they are created? On what occasion?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): I like your honesty, quite frankly I really don’t like my first 2 albums that much anymore….I’m definitely more into this new sound and I feel at peace with it, like I can really see where to take Corlyx now…I write about the human condition, or my personal struggles, and sometimes I write about love, but mostly I like to tell stories, through analogies, like poetry or short stories. I think of songs in the shower, or on walks, then we go into the studio and track right away…and I usually start with the Bass! And your influences?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): Oh boy there’s a lot and they change often, but the core ones are of course, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Siouxsie, Shirley Manson, Harriet Wheeler, Trent Reznor, Thrill Kill Kult, Bowie, Robert Smith, Tori Amos… Tell us please your favorite 5 names of music scene.

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): Current ones would be Actors, She Past Away, Big Black Delta, Chelsea Wolf, Birthday Massacre. O.k ! Let’s talk now for Mr. Brandon Ashley, the other member of Corlyx, you are with him 6 years! How is your collaboration withhim?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): He is the person that makes all my ideas sound good, he’s also known for writing some very good bass and guitar parts too…but we let’s me do most of the songwriting because he writes all the songs for his main band The Dark… And now let’s play a game. Put please any words you like filling in the blank of the initial letters of the BRANDON name…

Caitlyn Stokes (CORLYX): (B) beautiful – ( R ) random – (A)awesome – ( N)naughty – (D) dangerous – (O) outrageous – (N) never mean! And now do it the same in your name please…

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): ( C)crazy – (A) Animal Lover – (I) In to cats – (T) Tall As Hell – (L) Long legs – (I) Interesting – (N)Never mean! Now a few questions about you! Do you have any hobbies?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX):Painting, writing, photography, videography, sculpting. The other one, do you remember the first teacher in music?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): My mother! And the last one personal question, do you remember the first album which you bought?

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): Nirvana – Nevermind! O.k thank you for all and the last one question for you, is about CORLYX …the future plans.

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): Oh boy so many plans, new album loads of shows hopefully in use and Europe! Album drops in February 2022! Thank you… Dark Wave Princes and all the best to you and Brandon!

Caitlin Stokes (CORLYX): Thank you so much darlings!!

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