June 18, 2024


Thursday13. June- Red Bull Stage

Austin, Texas’ MISSIO are an electronic duo known for their dark, emotive pop.
Formed in 2014, MISSIO feature singer/songwriter MATTHEW BRUE and producer/instrumentalist DAVID BUTLER .
Initially, the project began as an outlet for Brue’s solo material.
However, after he invited Butler to collaborate on a few songs, they decided to move forward together.
Recording in Butler’s converted garage/home studio, they began sculpting their brooding, anthemic sound, releasing such tracks as “I Don’t Even Care About You,” “I Run to You,” and “Can I Exist?”
By the end of 2015, they had made their debut at SXSW and garnered support slots alongside acts like SAFIA, K.Flay and others.
In early 2017 they delivered the single “Middle Fingers” and signed a recording contract with RCA Records, which released their debut full-length, Loner, in May of that year.
A pair of stripped-down EPs, Skeletons Pt.1&Pt.2, followed in 2018, acting as companion pieces to Loner.
MISSIO kicked off 2019 with “Rad Drugz,” the first track released off their second LP ”The Darker the Weather// The Better the Man”, which arrived in April. The duo returned in 2020 with the full-length ”Can You Feel The Sun”.
Also the amazing two albums, ”Villa;in” in the year 2022 and the other one in 2024 the amazing named ” I Am Cinco” .


Athenscalling.gr: Hi magic duo…glad to speak with you!

MISSIO: (Matthew) It’s great to speak with you as well! I was just in Greece a few years ago during the winter & it was amazing to experience the cities/islands without very many tourists.

Athenscalling.gr:Tell us About the name of Duo. MISSIO comes from the Latin word for “mission” and I think that Brue is the godfather of the name! How important is the name in a band?

MISSIO: (Matthew) The name of the band is something that has felt like it was always pre-selected for us. I originally got it tattooed before it was even the band name and when I was choosing what to name the project, MISSIO was the first thing to mind. It just felt right and purposeful.

Athenscalling.gr:I like too much the fantastic song … Goodbye to the old Me… Please tell us the story of your song.

MISSIO: (Matthew) This song is about saying goodbye to the things in life that no longer suit us. Maybe it’s a previous addiction, substance, friendship/relationship that isn’t healthy for us, etc. It’s about knowing that there is a brighter future ahead of us all. “Say goodbye to the old me, the future is too bright.”

Athenscalling.gr:I like your music but it is difficult for me…to say something about your music genre. I mean Pop/Rock or Synth/Pop… or what?

MISSIO: (Matthew) We have a difficult time labeling it as well. We usually try to write songs however they come out without confining ourselves within a box. Typically we tell people that we’re Alternative/Electronic, but we tap into so many more genres at this point that we are technically genreless.

Athenscalling.gr:You have released amazing albums, which is your favourite?

MISSIO: (Matthew) This is a hard question to answer as it’s like asking a parent which one of their kids they like better. Haha. They all have a place in this world to me at different times. Overall I’d probably say ‘Loner’ because it was the first real expression of MISSIO that kicked off our careers.

MISSIO: (David) I don’t have a favorite album of ours, they’re all equally number one to me.

Athenscalling.gr: Now let’s take a trip back in time and I’ll ask if you remember the first album you bought?

MISSIO: (Matthew) I honestly can’t remember the first album I ever bought. I was always stealing my brother’s CD’s as a kid so I was never in need of purchasing music. I’m sure it was something like KORN or System of a Down.

MISSIO: (David) M.C. Hammer “Please Don’t Hurt ‘Em”.

Athenscalling.gr: Matthew Brue and David Butler a long years together, friends and collaborators …
What was the best moment in your career?

MISSIO: (Matthew) When we got our first record deal and I got to pay off all of my previous debt, that was an amazing moment. I felt so much relief & it felt like all of the hard work I had put in for years and years finally paid off.

Athenscalling.gr:Matthew describe me in one word your friend David

MISSIO: (Matthew) “Loyal” .

Athenscalling.gr:David describe me in one word your friend Matthew

MISSIO: (David) “Thoughtful” .

Athenscalling.gr: On the 13th of June you play at NOVA ROCK… how did it came about?

MISSIO: (Matthew) Our international agent, Jon Ollier, was the one who lined this festival up for us & we’re very excited to be there next week! It’s going to be a great set!

Athenscalling.gr: The last one question is about my country … about Greece you know something?

MISSIO: (Matthew) When I was in Greece a few years ago I was surprised at how many live cats were roaming around the cities. It felt like they were laying around on every street that I was on & all super cute!

Athenscalling.gr: And for the end … Tell us please about your new album … I Am Cinco!

MISSIO: (Matthew) It’s a deluxe album made up of 26 songs. 5 E.P. ‘s that culminate into the full album and each E.P. describes a different emotion. I Am Sad, I Am High, I Am Awesome, I Am Angry, & I Am Crazy. We are so proud of this one as we’ve been able to really allow our artistic expression to be free flow.

Athenscalling.gr: Thank you about the interview and a big hug from Athens …

MISSIO: (Matthew) Thank you so much!

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