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JOHN PASCHE The Original Designer of ΄΄ Tongue and Lips ΄΄ The ROLLING STONES Logo!


John Pasche, born 24 April 1945, is one of the Great and Famous British Art Designer, best known for designing the most famous logo in rock ’n’ roll,… the Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo.

J.Pasche completed his B.A. degree in graphic design from the Brighton College of Art between 1963 and 1967. He completed his M.A. at the Royal College of Art in London from 1967 to 1970.

In 1981 he became Creative Director Chrysalis Records through to 1991 and he became Creative Director at the South Bank Centre from 1994 until 2005.

In 2008, the Victoria and Albert Museum in England acquired his original artwork for $92,500. The Art Fund, who partially funded the bid, called it “one of the most visually dynamic logos ever.” Pache lives in the UK.

(B) . John Pasche… About the Rolling Stones Tongue and Lips logo!

The Rolling Stones head office contacted the Royal College of Art in 1970 looking to commission a poster for The Rolling Stones European Tour 1970,  the college recommended J.Pasche.

 J.Pasche designed the “Tongue and Lip Design” logo in 1970, which he was paid just £50 and a further £200 in 1972.

J. Pasche sold his copyright of the logo to the Rolling Stones via its commercial arm (Musidor BV) for £26,000 in 1984.

In 2008 the original artwork of the logo was sold in the US to the Victoria and Albert Museum for $92,500, about £71,000 in 2020. The design was revised by Craig Braun while he was designing the album package and was originally reproduced on the U.S. inner sleeve and cover of Sticky Fingers album released in April, 1971.

In August 2008, the design was voted the greatest band logo of all time in an online poll conducted by Gigwise. Pasche worked with the Rolling Stones from 1970 until 1974 while he was Junior Art Director at Benton & Bowles advertising agency.

He received a share of merchandising royalties, and then sold the copyright to the band for £24,000.


John Pasche has designed many album covers, posters and other work over his lifetime, and received numerous awards!

Between 1974 and 1977 he founded and managed Gull Graphics. Pasche later worked with Paul McCartney, the Who, the Stranglers and Dr. Feelgood. He was art director at United Artists Music Division from 1978 until 1981.

Pasche has done extensive design work for United Artists album and single sleeves, as well as concert posters for The Stranglers, including The Raven (1979), The Stranglers IV (1979), La Folie (1981), Live (X Cert) (1979), “Duchess” (1979) and “Peaches” (1979). He created the single disc picture for Fischer-Z’s “The Worker” (1979) and the album cover for Going Deaf For A Living (1980). He made the album cover for The Vapors 1980 album New Clear Days, as well as a 1979 Dr.Feelgood single, “As Long as the Price Is Right” which featured different denomination notes (£5, £10 and £20) stuffed into a bra. He has also done some work for Chrysalis Rec.,  for Art of Noise (1985–87), Les Enfants (1985), Innocence (1990), Into Paradise (1991), Kingmaker (1991), and 2 albums for Jethro Tull,Under Wraps and Crest of a Knave (1984-87). His freelance work includes designs for such noted performers as Jimi Hendrix (1977), Judas Priest (1975), David Bowie (1976),The Who (1975), Van der Graaf Generator (1975) and the Bay City Rollers (1975).


1970 – IPA Award Best RCA Graphic Design Student. 1974 – Music Week- Highly Commended Albums Sleeve.

D&AD Awards Annual, in 1970,1971,1973,1975,1977,1980,1981,1983,1985,1988.

D&AD Silver Award 1976. Music Week-Top classical album.

Three Awards in 1980 NME Top Album Sleeve, Music Week- Top Point of Sale Design and Top TV Commercial.

1982 & 1983 Top Classical Sleeve from Music Week.

1987 Top Album and Single Sleeve and in 1996 Communication Arts- Award of Excellence.


It was a rainy October day and I was in my office with my co-workers. That day the  office stereo was playing only Rolling Stones songs!All in the office are fans of The Rolling Stones regardless of age and I from my youth!

So that rainy day in October, listening to the Stones songs, my memory traveled to yesterday… I remembered that at the age of 16, I had bought from Kanigos Square, in Stoa Fexi, which was the record stores, for 120 drachmas (Greek coin)!

It was December Christmas in 1969 and the octagon vinyl had the title ΄΄Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol.2) ΄΄, that vinyl it was the 16th in my albums collection and I had heard the Stonestheir songs for the first time!

Until today I am fan of the band and also a fan of… Tong and Lips… of the Rolling Stones logo, designed by English designer Pas John Pasche!

Today is a rainy day of October, the year 2021 and It was a great day for me cause  listening to the songs of my favorite band and I would soon be chatting with Mister John Pasche, the original designer of the Rolling Stones… Tong and Lips logo! Good Morning from a rainy Athens day! I am very happy chatting you… Mr. John Pasche, welcome in! Where are you now and how pass all these crazy Pandemic COVID-19 days, in England?

JOHN PASCHE: I live in South East England in a house which is also my studio. I have been working on color sketches of the tongue logo which I sell through my website And about the vaccines? Please tell me what is your opinion?

JOHN PASCHE: I believe that the Covid vaccinations are a good thing and everybody should have them. O.k let’s talk now about you and the designer art. On what occasion did your dreams about the art of the designer begin?

JOHN PASCHE: When I was accepted on an art course at a small art college in Eastbourne, on the South Coast, where I grew up. Do you remember wich one your first illustration?

JOHN PASCHE: I was a big fan of the painter Cezanne and my first painting was a still life in his style. You have too many Awards… I think 22 over time. How do you feel about it?

JOHN PASCHE: I was quite competitive as a designer so entered these design competitions whenever I had the chance. Many Awards for you… I think that it is very important for an designer, but ΄΄ Tongue and Lips΄΄ logo, is that made you famous to the people and I will ask you, it is good for all the amazing Designer Art that you have it  in your career?

JOHN PASCHE: The design of the logo and the tour posters for the Stones certainly had a very positive effect on getting more commissions within the Music Business. Do you remember something special, from your first day meeting with Mick Jagger?  

JOHN PASCHE: I met Mick for the first time when I was in my final year at the Royal College of Art in London. I was quite nervous, as you can imagine, but he was a nice guy and we shared an interest in the same kind of graphics. And now I will ask you about the illustration of logo. The lips and the tongue are from Kali- Hindi Goddess of death or from Mick?

JOHN PASCHE: The spark that gave me an idea for the logo was when Mick showed me the image of the goddess Kali at our first meeting to discuss the new logo. The concept was always about the anti-authority aspect of the band. Many stories are told about the logo which you designed and continue to be attributed to others. What do you have say about it? 

JOHN PASCHE: I knew that the logo was originally attributed to Warhol because of his design of the ‘Sticky Fingers’ album where the logo had its first major unveiling. I am happy that I finally have the credit for my design. What is your opinion about the designers… Craig Braun and Ernie Cefalu, where they claim a kind of paternity for the logo. Look if you want to give an answer. If not… answer with the words… no comment!

JOHN PASCHE: No comment. You can tell us your other best time in your life, except… The Stones… logo?

JOHN PASCHE: The birth of my two sons. With one word, please characterize at first the Rolling Stones band and then… the front man Mick Jagger!

JOHN PASCHE: I am always AMAZED when I see them in live concert and the sheer energy that Mick puts into each performance. Enough of what we said about the logo. Really at this time you are preparing something… or relaxing your days?

JOHN PASCHE: I still do some work as a freelance designer but more for classical music rather than rock. I also am producing these logo sketches as I mentioned before. Except of the Rolling Stones, you have collaborated with many other rock artists, Paul McCartney, the Who, the Stranglers, Dr. Feelgood, Fischer-Z and many others… which was the most important of these?

JOHN PASCHE: I always enjoyed working with The Stranglers’ because they had such a dark defined image and they gave me the opportunity to express myself. And which of all your works of art, characterizes you… it’s you?

JOHN PASCHE: It has to be the logo – of course. Living in the past, do you remember your first teacher for your art?

JOHN PASCHE: I had an American tutor at the Royal College of Art called Bob Gill who was a great influence on me at the time and he gave me the opportunity to work on some of his own commercial projects. And your first album that you had bought?

JOHN PASCHE: My first month at work after leaving college meant I could finally afford to buy a good sound system and I think that ‘Band on the Run’ was the first album I bought to play on it. England is the exporting country of music and football. Really what music do you listen now and which football team does you like?

JOHN PASCHE: I am a Chelsea football supporter as I once as a student lived in a small flat next to their ground. I enjoy a wide range of music – from classical to rock. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Give your vote please…

JOHN PASCHE: Always loved them both but the Stones for their live performance as I never saw the Beatles live. Something now about my country, do you know anything about Greece?

JOHN PASCHE: I have been to Greece many times and love the people and the life-style. Many an evening on one of the islands sipping Ouzo and watching the sun go down. The last one question for you! You have a big portfolio of art and here is you’re link to see all about it  wich one of all is the most important for you?

JOHN PASCHE: The most important is the work I did for the Stones as it was really the starting point for my design career which I have loved every minute of. Thank you John! Thank you very much and I want to say that you are… one of my heroes in the book of my life… Thank you and all the best to you to your friends and to your family!

JOHN PASCHE: Thank you for your interest in me.

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