June 18, 2024

H.P. Baxxter (SCOOTER) An exclusive Interview with The King of Techno Hardstyle Dance

( 10 – 13 June 2020 – NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL – Special Late Night Act – SCOOTER )

In the year 2020 … The amazing news about the music!… Explosive music news! The Kings of Techno Hard style Dance with the magic name … SCOOTER on tour!

In their illustrious history, SCOOTER have spent more than 500 weeks in the singles charts and 300 weeks in the album charts, selling over 30 million units along the way. More than 80 gold and platinum records from all over the world. On top they scored more top ten hits in the charts than any other German artist and can call on a catalogue of top ten tracks to rival those of the most successful artists of all time, names like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna or Depeche Mode, an anniversary such as this cannot slip by quietly. No, SCOOTER will celebrate their silver jubilee all year long! At the heart of the celebrations, the 100% SCOOTER – 25 YEARS WILD & WICKED TOUR will be the biggest world tour SCOOTER have ever embarked on, taking them all the way around the globe and back again.

Scooter announce… God Save the Rave tour. The tank is full and the road is clear get yourself ready for Scooter’s 2020 European Tour and this Summer in the year 2020  SCOOTER ‘ The Open Air 2020 ’ on this tour, among the other events  you can enjoy with The Kings of Techno Hard style Dance SCOOTER  at their Special Late Night Show, at 15th Anniversary NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL , the amazing Austrian music festival takes place 10 till 13 of June in Burgenland, the easternmost federal state of Austria, near Nickelsdorf and the Hungarian and Slovak borders!

Germans King of happy hardcore, rave and techno music band founded in Hamburg in 1993 and till now they have over 30 million sales and more than 80 gold and platinum awards all over the globe underline their extra-special status, for this reason we can say that SCOOTER is The Kings of Techno Hard style Dance forever and ever!

A few months before their Special Late Night Show, at NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL 2020  15th Anniversary… in Austria ( Pannonia Fields- Nickelsdorf ) , Athens Calling G.R had an interesting interview with the  H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER!   

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Hi Hans!  Welcome to Athens Calling G.R and all the best!

 H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER: Hi thanks!

 ATHENS CALLING G.R: Many people characterize your band, legendary of Techno music and I will add that you are the kings of Techno Hard style Dance… What is your opinion about it?

 H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER: We don’t want to disagree:-) You can’t discuss about taste.

 ATHENS CALLING G.R: Over 30 million sales and more than 80 gold and platinum awards all over the globe underline their extra-special status. What you have to say about it and how you feel, with all these awards?  

 H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER: Earnings for hard efforts and big fun eather 🙂Always hard to say, but we are humbled and thankful for all our fans and supporters. But there’s still some space left at our wall.

 ATHENS CALLING G.R: Scooter the band with many years active from 1993 till today, with sixth chapters! Who is the secret that keeps your band alive for so many years… and always young!

 H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER: Sex & Drugs & Rock’n Roll.

 ATHENS CALLING G.R: Sixth chapters with SCOOTER and in the early years two projects, Celebrate the Nun and The Loop. Tell us if you want it, the best moment.

 H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER: CTN was years before SCOOTER and beside Rick not with this Scooter Crew. The Scooter = The Loop best moments are listening in the studio to the finished master and getting goose bumps.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: … and the worst moment, of your years active?

H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER: Puh difficult question, I think our worst moments are absolutely luxury problems, so nothing to complain at all.

 ATHENS CALLING G.R: In the year 2020 there are too many bands … too many singers, also we have many reunions from the past. Please give us the name of your favorite musicians- Groups or CDs.  

H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER: …And too many Dj’s J. We don’t have any really. At the moment, if we go clubbing we love the sound of Boris Brejcha.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: What do you love most, than the two, to play at the studio or at the stage (Live)?

H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER: LIVE!!!

 ATHENS CALLING G.R:  15th Anniversary NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL 2020 and SCOOTER in the special late night show… tell us about it.  

 H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER: We hope the stage is big enough to get us J. Stay tuned 

 ATHENS CALLING G.R: And your message for the NOVA ROCK fans

 H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER: … Wait for further instructions.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Yes. Let’s ” travelling ” now in Greece. Would you like to tell us, if you know a Greek songwriter or a singer or a song? 

 H.P. Baxxter –  SCOOTER: We are good friends with Vicky Leandros, and listen to “we can’t stop the hardcore”.

 ATHENS CALLING G.R: Many thanks for the interview and all the best for SCOOTER  see you at NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL. 


 *  Interview Editor’s note:
And Remember…  June 10-13/2020 at NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL !

Special Late Night Act – SCOOTER … The Kings of Techno HardStyle Dance

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