April 25, 2024

DIE TOTEN HOSEN… The Amazing Punk Rock Band from Germany

Die Toten Hosen,is the name of the band from Düsseldorf, this amazing band is one of the answers to the Punk Rock Music !
Was formed in 1982 and until now the members of the band create a remarkable course in the musical genre that they follow and is one of the most commercial and successful German band.
Discography : Until  May 2017, with 16 amazing Studio albums, 6 Live, 4 Compilation, 12 Video albums, 46 Music videos, 3 EPs and of course 56 singles !
The current members of Die Toten Hosen are : Campino  (Andreas  Frege) singer  Kuddel(Andreas Von Holst)electric guitarBreiti ( Michael Breitkopf) electric guitar Andi (Andreas Meurer)electric bass –  Vom (Stephen George Ritchie ) from  1998  drums.  

The 2018 is definitely a separate page on their musical journey where through a concert marathon with the general title LAUNE DER NATOUR 2018 – DIE TOTEN HOSEN LIVE, they present to their audience their amazing musical work
So on 14 June, DIE TOTEN HOSEN will park in Austria and the amazing NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL 2018 (Nickelsdorf Pannonia Fields) as Headliners among MARILYN MANSON-AVENGED SEVENFOLD-THE PRODIGY-IRON MAIDEN VOLBEAT-BILLY IDOL-SUNRISE AVENUE and others.
An Interview with Breiti the guitarist from DIE TOTEN HOSEN
ATHENS CALLING: Hi from Athens –Greece. You must know that we are happy to be talking to a member of amazing DIE TOTEN HOSEN.
ATHENS CALLING: At first we would like to talk about the lyrics of your songs, they are amazing, tell us about their inspiration, for example about the ‘’Tage Wie Diese’’
Breiti – (DIE TOTEN HOSEN): Inspiration for the lyrics of our songs is life, as simple as that. When we write songs for a new album everything that had happened to us is dealt with the one or the other way, so there is a wide variety of topics, love, life, death, party, football, nonsense – just anything. “Tage wie diese” is about going out to meet friends to go somewhere to have a great time, it is left open whether this could be a football game, a concert, a fun fair or something else.
ATHENS CALLING: Thirty -six years of the band’s life consists of sixteen studio albums five live, three compilation, fifty six singles, truly is a very worthy of speech career in the music scene. Tell us, there is an album or song that you love most from all these?
Breiti – (DIE TOTEN HOSEN): It is difficult to say, because you don´t listen to your music the same way as you do to the songs of other bands. Albums: I would say Ein kleines bisschen Horrorschau, Opium fürs Volk, Auswärtsspiel and Ballast der Republik are some of our better albums, the two Learning English albums were a very special experience. Songs: For me it makes a song good if it goes down well when we play it live and when it feels good to play it. In that respect songs like Hier kommt Alex, Wünsch dir was, Pushed Again, but also quiet ones like Nur zu Besuch are good songs for me.
 ATHENS CALLING: ‘’Die Toten Hosen’’, an amazing name for your band, who is the godfather of the band name?
Breiti – (DIE TOTEN HOSEN): “Tote Hose” is a slang expression in German language for “nothing is going on”, “boring”, “bad in bed” etc. When we started with the band we didn´t know how to play our instruments and punk rock was about not taking yourself too serious, so we thought it would be a good name. I can´t remember whose idea it exactly was.
ATHENS CALLING: In which music genre is your music? Punk Rock , Hard Rock, Rock or something else about the music genre?
Breiti – (DIE TOTEN HOSEN): These categories are not important for us anymore. We started off as part of the punk rock movement, we were inspired by bands like The Clash, The Damned, The Ramones, The UK Subs etc. But since then a lot has happened in music and in our lives, so we don´t really know what label to put on it.

ATHENS CALLING: What do you know about Greece? You have visited our country? 
Breiti – (DIE TOTEN HOSEN): I have been to Athens for the Champions League Final between Liverpool and Milan and of course had a look around the city and I was in Korfu for about two weeks a few years ago. Both places are, of course, very different, I liked my short time there very much and I would like to see more of the country, it was very easy to have a good time with the people I met. For many years next to my house in Düsseldorf there was a Greek family running a little shop and many Greek people met there, so in some way for years I was in Greece almost every day!
ATHENS CALLING: You would like to tell us, if You want, your opinion for the Immigration and  xenophobia?
Breiti – (DIE TOTEN HOSEN): With the band right from the start we made our position very clear against neo Nazis, racism and every  form of xenophobia
 We wrote a lot of songs against it, we work with the organization Pro Asyl that works in favor of asylum seekers and we take part in campaigns related to this.
ATHENS CALLING: Live shows and your band in action with a great music tour with the name ‘’DIE TOTEN HOSEN LAUNE DER NATOUR ‘’ and on 14/06/18 in one of the best musical festivals, with the name NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL. Tell us about it.
Breiti – (DIE TOTEN HOSEN): We are very grateful that there are still so many people who come to our shows and who allow us to do what we like best: To be on tour, to play concerts, to meet a lot of old and new friends, to play with other bands, it is what we still are most passionate about.

ATHENS CALLING:  Thank  you very much for the interview and I hope we will meet you in the NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL .  



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