May 28, 2024

An Interview with Harry Jenner PR.MANAGER- FREQUENCY FESTIVAL 2019

FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL 15-16-17 /08 Green Park Sankt Pölten

We are in a hot summer days … few days more… before 2019 of August!
O.k guys if you have not planned a trip for this year, about your summer holidays we will recommend a holiday trip to Austria… for FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL 2019!
FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL 2019 (15-17 August) takes place in the area of a beautiful park and more specifically in the magical place… Green Park Sankt Pölten about 15’ from Sankt Pölten center, provides all the facilities for the fans of the Festival.
AthensCalling GR, like every year, in the framework, Tribute for European Summer Music Festivals, had the opportunity to have an interview with Mr. HARRY JENNER the Festival Pr. Manager, FM4  FREQUENCY  FESTIVAL  2019 … with all our very best memories from FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL 2018 !

ATHENS CALLING: Hello Harry, I ‘m really glad chatting with you, for another time cause I think that FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL is a Great Summer Party of Sounds in Europe !

HARRY JENNER:Yes sure we have a super summer mix of music from all over the world, probably this is the reason why we are already sold out since April !!!

ATHENS CALLING: This year FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL becomes 19 years old, so I will ask you to tell us, what was for you, the best moment of the Festival, during all these 19 years?
HARRY JENNER: Well cleary the beginning were among the best kept memories as I was learning 10 new things every minute and all was fresh and new and full of wonders :-)… probably two… one with Metallica 2003 for the first time together on stage and 2nd 2009 with Radiohead coming finally to Austria for their first time
HARRY JENNER: Well I don`t like to think to much back on this but this will be forever the collapsing bridge, luckily with no serious injuries…

ATHENS CALLING: What experience do you have as the festival coordinator position?
HARRY JENNER: Well with the answer to this I can fill books in more than 25 years of experience!

ATHENS CALLING: Tell us please, about your strengths, from the festival Pr.Manager position?
HARRY JENNER: Though question as everyone might see this in a different shape, if you ask myself I would say I’m best when there is quite some important decisions
To make and all 10 of them in the same second, you need to focus, prioritize and they should be correct and save too ! But also in the long time logistic planning and my personal strength in this field is that I still love to go to visit other festivals and
I can see the festival very clearly from the audience point of view

ATHENS CALLING: How difficult is it, I mean to organize a festival in those days with all about the economic crisis… What do you think about it?
HARRY JENNER: Well we are very well set up and our strength so far, next to quie some others points, we can adopt quite quick to customer changes and changes in needs.If you have a good product, the crisis (if there is any currently??) becomes irrelevant
ATHENS CALLING: …How many workers are they for this year?
HARRY JENNER: We have around 2000 workers and 600 securities

ATHENS CALLING: Dear friend Harry, if you turned back the time and you met the young HARRY just beginning in the Music Festival, what you would tell him, what you would it be you advised him about it?
HARRY JENNER: Oh dear, this might as well fill a book:-o I learned so much of all these centuries that it is hard… choose your partners well, make water proof contracts and Get your budget tighter together 🙂

ATHENS CALLING: Now, let’s play a game, 19 years of a great musical party in Austria… Give us 19 feature words for FREQUENCY FESTIVAL.
HARRY JENNER: Vacation-Holiday-Friends-Water – River- Awesome mainstage
Afterburner- Best team- Pyrotechnics- Nightpark- Daypark- Irish pub- Chill- and Best music mix – Billie Eilish- Hard work- Fun- Camping- swimming!

ATHENS CALLING: August the best month of the summer and now we want to give us your message about FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL 2019 …
HARRY JENNER: We here at Frequency say it is like a vacation but different
ATHENS CALLING: And please will be so kind enough to share with us another message in my country for the Greek audience?
HARRY JENNER: We have not enough Greek people here … THEODORE you need to sell 200 tickets book a plane and send them over !

ATHENS CALLING: I must tell you my dear friend HARRY… that last year I met more Greeks fans of the FREQUENCY FESTIVAL … from Thessaloniki-Volos- Kavala- Alexandroupolis- Crete Island -Vienna and München ! But I promise you for the next year I will try for that! I must tell you a great thanks for your interview and for sure I will see you again , this August in Austria, at the really amazing party of sounds named… FM4 FREQUENCY FESTIVAL 2019… and I will bring you, two bottles Raki (Ρακή) from Crete!
HARRY JENNER: thank you too THEODORE. And the Raki won`t last long


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