July 14, 2024

What is Love? Chat with Legendary HADDAWAY

Quarantine season of COVID -19 Pandemic… the End! Summer has already opened its arms to us and for all of you is… WE ARE CAREFUL TO HAVE OUR HEALTH!
The era of Quarantine… and all of us,  we have something to remember from that Quarantine season days!
So I remember the guy from the opposite side penthouse that every afternoon like a DJ, to started his program, with a legendary pop dance song!

Always in the afternoon, the legendary dance song of HADDAWAY… WHAT IS LOVE was the first from his play list program!

So my friends … What is Love? Many answers about it , but I think that the only one is from the Legendary Singer of Pop Music … Nestor Alexander HADDAWAY!
, one afternoon June 2020, we Chat via email with Legendary HADDAWAY!


What is love?
Baby, don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me no more

(Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, oh-whoa, whoa, ohh, ooh)
(Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, oh-whoa, whoa, ohh, ooh)!..

Sorry but every day, when we are Quarantine about COVID-19 days, in the afternoon, was my neighbor next to our apartment who play for all the neighborhood from his Stereo DJ set and all the neighborhoods dance … with your amazing song! Haddaway, welcome in Athens Calling G.R!       

HADDAWAY : Thank you very much for all the support and it’s nice to know the Greeks haven’t forgotten me.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Now you live in Kitzbühel –Austria, how is your life there?

HADDAWAY: I’ve always been in Kitzbühel -Austria it just hasn’t been advertised – it’s good to balance the hectic life of the stage -as a pop singer – with the quiet life.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: At first chat with you singing the song ΄΄What is Love΄΄ I want to ask you, from 1993 till today 2020 , what is what, keeps this amazing dance song still alive until today, with your voice and with too many covers?

HADDAWAY : First of all the original is always the best and it’s just a high quality songs – it reflects our emotions to be good loving people. It’s not just speaking about love – but life and everything in between we all don’t wish to be hurt.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: And how do you fell 27 years after your amazing dance hit?

HADDAWAY: I feel like 29. It’s not been just “What is love” – but what is love is the big one, but I feel just as good about “Life”, “Rock my heart”, “I Miss You” and many others. It’s good feeling to still be out there and active in the music industry.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Living today, in the year 2020, we have a new song from you, a new bright single, with the title ΄΄I Wanna be For You΄΄. Tell us about it.

HADDAWAY: Well it’s not that easy to explain because this is a very interesting year where human beings discovered we are not in control – we are basically nothing – the most important thing is that we have our family and our loved ones and I want to be for that person that’s so important to me.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: … And what’s next for you? Any news about your career any tour, or anything? 

HADDAWAY : Well 2020 has been a difficult year for the music industry – hope to be back on tour in September – but certainly I am back on tour 2021.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: What do you like more of the two: Studio or on Stage and why?

HADDAWAY : I am stage live person that is not a question –  the studio is great but you live the true life of being a pop star on stage – all live with no pre’recorded vocals and edits.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Do you have any crazy stories or memories from playing in a concert… singing on stage or back on stage?

HADDAWAY : I have too many and too private. Way too many.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: In the past we had many names in the music scene and today we have also many, many singers – bands. Can you tell me 3 of the best names from the past and 3 names from today?

HADDAWAY : Well it would be stupid of me not say these 3 names: Michael Jackson, Prince & Bruce Springsteen.From today I would say Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Mary J Blidge and The Weeknd. I don’t really follow the young scene today.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Living in Austria, tell us something about about the two Festivals in Austria? I mean about NOVA ROCK and FREQUENCY.

HADDAWAY: I’ve sang at Nova Rock with Emergency Gate plenty of times. I enjoyed the festival. We do many summer festivals, many 90s festivals.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Now something about the internet. How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

HADDAWAY : The Internet is a wonderful tool for doing basic business but I really don’t see the internet as something good for the music industry. I think it’s unfortunate they didn’t treat the artists with respect because we lose a lot of money from the internet due to our music being hacked.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: Let’s travel south to Europe now… and here is my country Greece! Do you know something about my country?  

HADDAWAY: From Thessaloniki  to Olympus, from Corfu to Rhodos, the geography I know very well and greek mythology & history – Homer’s -Ulysses Iliad & Odyssey, the existence and Macedonia, we can speak about great history but it’s not so important right now.

ATHENS CALLING G.R: And the last one … Send your message to your fans all around the world.

HADDAWAY : I send a lot of love and respect and definitely I hope they haven’t forgotten me and I hope the new generation likes my music and please, please buy the new stuff!

ATHENS CALLING G.R: …  Nestor Alexander Haddaway … Many thanks because it was a great time chatting with you! All the best regards from Greece and hope to see you soon in a Greek Stage!

HADDAWAY : Thank you very much. We would love to see you soon live.


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