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RUSSKAJA is a multinational Austrian band that performs Russian-style ska music, the band are first and foremost an amazing live performance act well known for inspiring an exceptionally enthusiastic (and often vodka-fueled) response from their audience.

The band were founded in the year 2005 by the Austrian musician/vocalist and actor Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria,( after moving to Vienna in 1992, had formerly been a member of the Austrian metal band Stahlhammer)!

Russkaja’s reputation as a concert attraction led to their eventual crossover into the Austrian mainstream in 2008 when the band’s independently released debut album became a Top 20 hit.

RUSSKAJA they have been released, 6 albums from 2008 until 2019 the last one with the title ΄΄ No Οne is Illegal ΄΄ is a great album with 12 full of energy songs!

Current members of the band are, Georgij Makazaria – vocals, Dimitrij Miller – bass, Engel Mayr –  guitar, Lea-Sophie Fischer – violin, Rainer Gutternigg – trumpet and H-G. Gutternigg – potete, Mario Stübler – drums

In the year 2021 the tour days of the band are at first in Austria and then in Croatia and Germany.

RUSSKAJA spread turbo polka for health! Your self-created “collective feeling consciousness expansion!” meanwhile has legendary status. The band is the typical example of how you can play your way up from small clubs to the biggest stages. RUSSKAJA have rocked over 600 performances worldwide since 2006 – besides their cultural and musical diversity, they also convey pure energy!

With their motto “nothing and never will throw us out of the saddle” they spread the joy of life in the East and say: “You don’t have to speak Russian to understand Russkaja!”

Some days before the band show in Sep 11 Sat –NOVA ROCK ENCORE 2021- WIENNER NEUSTADT- AUSTRIA,we have an very interesting chat with the  charismatic Russian front man Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria !  

INTERVIEW WITH THE FRONT MAN Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria

Athenscalling.gr: Good Morning Georgij. Nice chatting with you, all of my team in the webzine love the songs of  RUSSKAJA. Welcome in Athenscalling.gr webzine!

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): Giasou Greece! Thank you for having with me this Interview!

Athenscalling.gr: At first I must told you about the great song … No one is Illegal… What great song is … a great of Sarah story, with many messages for everyone! Tell us about this song, on what occasion it was created? 

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): No one is illegal is a Message – less a story of Sarah – more as taking position against calling humans illegal. Sarah is standing representative for peaceful people suffering of war in their countries, trying to find a place for peaceful living. Its a call to west countries, „rich“ countries to help and rescue so many people as possible trying to survive and escape of terrible situations. We have this possibilities, we can help – the politics run other agenda, it’s a shame, especially at the moment.

Athenscalling.gr: What would you like say to Sarah if you met her right now?

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): If I would meet her – it would already mean that she survived, found a new life, I would ask her more about her hobbies, Ideas, Music she like.

Athenscalling.gr: O.k RUSSKAJA is the name of your band who was the Godfather of the name?

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): I found this name . it has 3 Parts we unite in our music: RUS – Russian melodies, soul, SKA – the rhythm that makes you dance crazy, JAAAA – the sound you release when you have fun, good times, satisfaction.

Athenscalling.gr: And how we can characterize the music of your band  about the genres…Ska Punk, Gypsy Punk or something like Folk Metal?

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): this is one of the difficult questions, its hard to put in one of the categories, we unite different elements of SKA, Metal, Reggae, Balkan-Brass, Russian Melancholie. We call it TURBO-PÖLKA.   

Athenscalling.gr: Something about you now… How do you feel … You born in Moscow and your parents are from Georgia, but you are an Austrian musician in Vienna!

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): I arrived in Vienna 1989 with my mother, it worked fast for me to assimilate, find friends learn language – I am happy about it.
I started with music already with 11 learning piano, and singing in Pioneer Choir, I learned myself guitar in Austria, started to sing in a cover band, was invited to participate in a more professional Band, started in Theatre, Musicals, build my own band and 2003 I got the Idea for Russkaja, it took 2 Years to prepare and to start with this project.

Athenscalling.gr: O.k lets play now a game. So after the first letter of the words MOSCOW, GEORGIA and VIENNA, fill in the blanks any words you like! (M)…(O)…(S)…(C)…(O)…(W)…, (G)…(E)…(O)…( R )…(G)…(I)…(A)… and   the last one (V)…(I)…(E)…(N)…(N)…(A)…

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA):

MOSCOW= (M)other ,(O)nkle,(S)ister,( C )ompañero,(O)lga,(W)elcome …

GEORGIA =(G)randfather,(E)nvironment,(O)ther dimension,( R )embazamba… (G)eorgian Wine,(I)nternational,(A)live…

 VIENNA =(V)elocity,(I)integration,(E)mpathise,(N)uddels,(N)agjamba,(A)petite…

Athenscalling.gr:Do you believe … People without frontiers?

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): In a new world – yes – this world is not ready for this dream!

Athenscalling.gr: And about the Human Crisis in Afghanistan?

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): Can only repeat what I hear in the mass media – you hear the same. I am not sharing the idea of religious oppression, It’s wrong to force humans to follow or die – on the other side – Russians and Americans both tried to solve this problem by using military power – they both failed, there must be another way to deal with it – do you have a solution? Maybe China will find some? I don’t know. Islam is like all religions a peaceful religion. Peace should guide this planet.  

Athenscalling.gr: O.k my dear Georgij… Let’s travel now in the past. Do you remember your first teacher in music?

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): Yes, my piano teacher – ALLA Nikolajewna – she had a very pleasant voice being a severely person.

Athenscalling.gr: And your first album that you bought?

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): Modern Talking – You my heart – you my soul – I was big fan!

Athenscalling.gr: About your last album. I like it very much all the songs and also I like the picture of ΄΄ No Οne is Illegal ΄΄ it is amazing! 

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): Thank you, it was a interesting work with a producer team in Germany / Flensburg – Elephant Music, we had a lot of fun and fights, some songs came fast and easy, on some songs we had to work hard – the result is what you like and this is most important.

Athenscalling.gr: Tell us now about your tour dates and especially for your band show in Sep 11 Sat –NOVA ROCK ENCORE 2021- WIENNER NEUSTADT- AUSTRIA!

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): This is the biggest festival in Austria – this year it is going to be much smaller than normal it is. Its one day – normally 3. A lot of musicians cannot come this year, we will give our best to make party for the people in this hard times.

Athenscalling.gr: Lets travel now in South. Do you know something about my country?

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): What I know I know from the movie „Spartacus“, and of course by stories of my friends that make holidays and show me beautiful pictures. Unfortunately i never been in Greece, last year we was planing a concert in Athens – Club 22 –  but it had to be canceled with all other concerts. I am looking forward to visit your country one day.

Athenscalling.gr: Before the end of chatting tell us your future plans?

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): At the moment I am concentrating on producing new stuff: music, songs, lyrics, merchandise, collaboration, videos – all for new releases.We have great new partners on the booking side with Cobra-Agency, on Management with FFS Management from Vienna, we work again with Napalm records – this all gives a new energy and enthusiastic power to keep on going especially  in the hard times.

Athenscalling.gr: Thank you Georgij, all the best to you and to your band… Thank you very much!

Georgij Alexandrowitsh Makazaria (RUSSKAJA): I thank you – wish you good health and peace for your home!

Photo by www.hans-leitner.com

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