July 14, 2024

KILL THE LYCAN… Interview.

Melodic Metal core from Vienna


NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL 2022- Pannonia Fields II, Nickelsdorf, Austria.

It was a big surprise for Athenscalling.gr team when before, I think 3 years ago, when for the first time, we heard the album ΄΄Rhea΄΄, a creation by the Melodic Metalcore band KILL THE LYCAN based Vienna/Austria, because it is an album which deals with the archetypes of Greek gods and titans mythology!

It was a great moment for us… for our country Greece and not only because all of the 11 songs of the album is the real sound of Melodic Metalcore genre!   

Yes like a phoenix from the ashes, KILL THE LYCAN rose from the swamp of abstinence in 2017. With a new line-up and a fresh image, KILL THE LYCAN have a clear goal, the musical combination of brute energy and wonderful emotions, which should stimulate and inspire the listener in equal measure.

Athenscalling.gr team and some of our friends, this summer they will travel from Greece in Austria and will have the opportunity to enjoy the Melodic Metalcore band … KILL THE LYCAN live on Friday 10 June 2022, in the amazing great festival in Europe, NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL 2022, in Pannonia Fields area of ​​Nickelsdorf, which takes place from 09-12 / 06/2022!

This year, NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL features the most important names of the rock scene such as…


For more information and everything related about NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL 2022, visit the NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL website https://www.novarock.at/en/

Athenscalling.gr. webzine of culture, had the opportunity to have an interesting chat with Christoph Pritz (front man and screamer) from KILL THE LYCAN , about the album ΄΄Rhea΄΄, about the Greek Gods and Titans mythology…and for much more!

Athenscalling.gr: Hello there, here is Athenscalling.gr, we are in the mountain top of Olympus and we are with the Ancient Gods of Greece and we welcome you.  My dear friend it is a great time for us chatting you, because ΄΄Rhea΄΄, it is an album by KILL THE LYCAN, which deals with the archetypes of Greek gods and the titans of mythology.

Christoph Pritz (KILL THE LYCAN): What an impressive introduction. We’re Kill The Lycan from Austria. Thanks for having us 

Athenscalling.gr: At first tell us why your band, make deals with the archetypes of Greek gods and titans mythology, in the album ΄΄Rhea΄΄ ?

Christoph Pritz (KILL THE LYCAN): Our guitarist Stevo is pretty interested in mythology as a whole and proposed us the idea of writing an album on Greek mythology. We all really liked the idea of an album, that has – at least conceptually – a stringent notion behind it. I don’t know why we chose the Greek gods, since there are/were a lot of “mythological universes” out there , but it felt good right from the start.

Athenscalling.gr: How were the lyrics written?   

Christoph Pritz (KILL THE LYCAN): Again, our guitarist Stevo, proposed me a few title ideas that were names of gods / titans with a simple backstory. We then decided on our favorites and started to write the lyrics intuitively. All in all, it was a dynamic and iterative process. For some songs, the lyrics and the groove felt right instantly, for other songs we even wrote the rhythm of the song first (with random lyrics) and fit the lyrics into it in the end. For me personally, I found it fascinating to deep dive into Greek mythology, since all the things that the gods stand for are deeply human archetypes

Athenscalling.gr: And about the music?

Christoph Pritz (KILL THE LYCAN): The riffs and the music were also created in a similar way as the lyrics. Mostly intuitive for a first draft and then iteratively progression. All in all there were a lot of discussions internally what we should keep, dismiss or change on the different songs on RHEA. This also requires a lot of discussion skills and social competence to keep the band together as a whole. I think we did a great job, especially since this was our first time doing this together.

Athenscalling.gr: Really, which of the heroes of Greek mythology would you like to be?

Christoph Pritz (KILL THE LYCAN): The first thing that comes to mind is Dionysos, the god of wine and partying. Who wouldn’t want this… he he. The second option for me would be Athene, since being wise is one of the virtues that I value the most.

Athenscalling.gr: Let’s talk now about the new line up of your band, tell us  about KILL THE LYCAN members.   

Christoph Pritz (KILL THE LYCAN): Kill The Lycan are four people : Matty on drums, Tom on lead -guitar, Stevo on rhythm guitar & clean vocals and Chris as frontman and screamer. All of our members except Stevo have been in different bands before, which were close friends to Kill The Lycan. So after we all parted ways with our former bands, we united as the Kill The Lycan “supergroup”

Athenscalling.gr: ΄΄Sanctuary΄΄, is the new single by KILL THE LYCAN. It is a song with an amazing video clip, but tell us how make the lyrics of the song and the reason about it. I believe that it is a big story or not?         

Christoph Pritz (KILL THE LYCAN): Thank you for the nice words! The story is pretty wholesome in my eyes. Our guitarist Stevo, who works in Kindergarden, told me: “Chris, do these children having left Kindergarden ever think about me? Will they remember me?”. So he proposed a song on these thoughts and it became the main lyrical theme of Sanctuary . If we boil it down it’s about being held in the heart of people we value or have valued. Leaving this world has always been difficult for us humans, since becoming nothing from one moment to another is quite frightening. Leaving a legacy behind makes it easier, if we focus on making the life better for all the people around us. So we stay alive in their hearts, even when we’re dead

Athenscalling.gr: About a new album of the band? We should expect it?

Christoph Pritz (KILL THE LYCAN): After we have released our album, we talked about how it went, and it seems like younger people are no longer used to albums. I assume that in these fast times, a lot of people can’t focus on a full length record and prefer smaller chunks released in a longer timespan. Also, for us personally, it was a time consuming and intensive process finishing all the songs on time. So, right now as I’m answering this question, our future strategy is releasing singles or –if at all –EPs with a few songs.

Athenscalling.gr: Now something about NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL and your live show on Friday 10 of June … What should we expect from your band?

Christoph Pritz (KILL THE LYCAN): As we have been promised a slot on the Nova Rock the last two years, and didn’t get to play due to the pandemic, we can’t wait to hit the Nova Rock stage again. We all, as individuals, have played on the Nova Rock stage before with former band projects and we can’t wait to play there. Seriously, we are excited as hell. Expect a killer live show, a motivated band and MAYBE a new song

Athenscalling.gr: Now before the end of our chatting, give your message please to the people, all around of the world. 

Christoph Pritz (KILL THE LYCAN): We know that the last years have been very hard due to the pandemic. Reduced social activity and – worth mentioning in this context – no live music has had a severe impact on many people. Stay strong, stay safe and most important: Stay healthy. Better times will come!

Athenscalling.gr: Thank you for your interview Chris and all the Best Regards for KILL THE LYCAN.

Christoph Pritz (KILL THE LYCAN): Thanks again for having us and all the best to you as well.

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