July 14, 2024


Hi guys and girls, welcome to my website!
My name is Julia Ivanova, and you might know me as a singer, which I am, but not only (you will find out more about me on https://www.juliaredhead.com/
I have had a huge passion for music for as long as I can remember. I always performed at concerts in kindergarten, school, and vocal competitions. Since I turned 16, I started singing in restaurants and nightclubs.
I must say, it provided me with a strong vocal education because I had to know and be able to sing in various styles, genres, and keys, perform duets and entertain people.
I was singing 5-6 hours, 6 days a week for 7-8 years. Then I decided that I wanted to sing only what I wanted. Since then, I have worked less, but it has been on a different level as it has been my choice.

Of course, I have been part of many bands with different styles, from jazz to rock. I have participated in many TV shows and talent projects such as The Voice, X-Factor, and more. You may know me from one of those shows. My viral video cover of me performing a Queen hit on X-Factor introduced me to the world. After that, many of you got to know about me and became my fans, friends, and supporters.
Now I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world — Vienna — and I continue to follow my musical path. It is what I was born for, and I’m just following my heart, my passion.
I’m so happy to be able to share all of this with you through my singing, live concerts, and livestreams. And I’m grateful to have all of you beside me. Every artist needs an audience for whom they can create, perform, and share the best of themselves with the whole world! Thank you all for being with me! Enjoy exploring my website. I hope it will become a fun, cozy, and interesting place for many people, and I will do my best to keep it running in the best way possible!

Stay crazyamazy, stay RAKENROLL!

Yours, Julia.


AthensCalling.gr: Hi JULIA, nice to meet you . Welcome in AthensCalling.gr web zine of culture! At first I think that you have an amazing voice!

JULIA IVANOVA: Hi, AthensCalling.gr! Nice to meet you too! Thank you for having me today! And thanks for your compliment about my voice!

AthensCalling.gr: About your name. Who was the Godfather of your name, REDHEAD SINGER? And why you choose the red colour….. Please give your answer in my 2 questions.

JULIA IVANOVA: I am the Godfather of this name – I just realized one day, that my hair is my brand. I got this colour in 2014, I was looking for MY colour already for 5-6 years before, tried many other colours, nothing fit… but exactly this one released my inner fire, so I´m loyal to this colour for almost 10 years.

AthensCalling.gr: It is easy or difficult you to sing in various styles?

JULIA IVANOVA: For me it’s easy, because I have big experience with all that styles.

AthensCalling.gr: I think that you sing cover songs. Why you choose only cover songs, or you have something other to promo us.

JULIA IVANOVA: For me it is hard to create my own song, but I am a singer in one famous Austrian band – KONTRUST, where we have original material, by the way, the new album´s release we will have on 3-rd of November this year in Vienna! Album is really cool, highly recommended to get one!

AthensCalling.gr: And what kind of music do you like to sing.

JULIA IVANOVA: As you already mentioned – many styles – like rock, pop, soul, jazz…

AthensCalling.gr: Travelling in the past, do you remember the first album in your bag?

JULIA IVANOVA: Can´t really remember… I bought few at once!

AthensCalling.gr: And your best band or singer?

JULIA IVANOVA: Freddie Mercury, Queen, of course! From female singers it is Tina Turner and Christina Aguilera.

AthensCalling.gr: Now if you want tell me about the talent shows. What do you believe about….

JULIA IVANOVA: If I understood the question correctly, I would say that I believe in fortune and talent, first of all. You can be talented, but lack of fortune. Or other way round. Having both in right moment.

AthensCalling.gr: Now let’s play a game with your name … JULIA and please fill in the blanks with any words you like … ( J )…,( U )…,( L )…,( I )…,( A )…!

JULIA IVANOVA: ( J )Joy,( U )Unique,( L )Love,( I )Independence, ( A )Awesome!

AthensCalling.gr: Something about my country, about Greece…. do you know any about Greece … about singers or something else?

JULIA IVANOVA: Not much, but know few famous musicians as Maria Callas, Demis Roussos. I´m sure it is a beautiful country with very nice people and tasty food – hope one day I will come for vacation or even better – for some great concert!

AthensCalling.gr: Before the end of he interview …. My dear JULIA give your message in the people …

JULIA IVANOVA: first of all thank you, guys, for having me on the interview. My message would be: always follow your heart, be open to changes in your life, have a passion for life, celebrate and enjoy every day of your life, stay yourself, believe in miracles, smile!

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