July 14, 2024

Interview with Ruby Dunphy Of Thunderpussy

Thunderpussy  is the name of the dynamic American rock band formed in Seattle Washington, in 2013.

The group is composed of vocalist  Molly Sides , guitarist  Whitney Petty, bassist Leah Julius, and drummer Ruby Dunphy.

 Thunderpussy draws inspiration from the sound and musical forms of the 1970s.


Their feature , is the really amazing and explosive presentation of their songs in live show . Opportunity for all  to enjoy the band show with  Thunderpussy Tour  in the USA (More info www.thunderpussyusa.com/tour )

In Greece there are two Thunderpussy albums, EP debut entitled ‘’Greatest Tits’’ (23/02/2018) and  the amazing Thunderpussy album (11/05/2018).

Athens Calling Team had the opportunity to enjoy with Thunderpussy  explosive audio – visual show of the band, during the summer at  FREQUENCY FESTIVAL 2018 in  Austria.

A few months ago we tried to meet Thunderpussy again, so we chatted online with the explosive amazing drummer of the band… Ruby Dunphy

ATHENS  CALLING : Hi Ruby  Welcome to Athens Calling G.R , is a big time for us…that we meet you again after your very explosive Summer show at the Weekender Stage of Frequency Festival in Austria . So we are meet you again via the internet line and you must know something … we are Thunderpussy fans !  At first can ask you about your band name .Why did pick this name and who was the Godfather or the Godmother of it.

RUBY DUNPHY ( THUNDERPUSSY – drummer ) :One day a long, long time ago, Leah was scuba diving with a group of friends deep in the ocean off of Orcas Island. After hours of deep sea adventure, Leah noticed that she had been completely abandoned by the group and she started to panic. She then noticed a great white shark jump out of the water and spiral its body towards hers. As the shark opens it’s mouth for what Leah thought was to be the means to her imminent death, the words “THUNDERPUSSY!!” boomed from the depths of the sharks body and thus the name Thunderpussy was borned.

ATHENS  CALLING : Really ,we did not speak for anything else, watching your band on a stage. I think that it is… an amazing Show! How do you feel playing on stage .  

RUBY DUNPHY ( THUNDERPUSSY – drummer ) :  Every single show is different. Sometimes I’m angry as hell when I play, sometimes I’m just pure joyous, sometimes I’m ready to mosh. For me, I could be in any kind of mood but as soon as the audiences energy hits me I act accordingly. Sometimes it’s the craziest, most indescribable connection I’ve ever experienced.


ATHENS  CALLING :‘’Thunderpussy‘’ is the self ,titled of your debut studio album tell us about it.

RUBY DUNPHY ( THUNDERPUSSY – drummer ) : We wanted our song “Thunderpussy” to be on an album titled “Thunderpussy” by our band which is named “Thunderussy”.

ATHENS  CALLING : Which one of the songs ,from this album, is your favorite and why is it.

RUBY DUNPHY ( THUNDERPUSSY – drummer ) : Torpedo Love. This is all one of our favorites because it allows us to experience such different dynamic levels of ourselves and our playing as well as a maze of emotions and physical exertion.

ATHENS CALLING : Something now about the World music scene , who are your favorite Musicians or Groups or Album.

RUBY DUNPHY ( THUNDERPUSSY – drummer ) : Wu-Tang, Meredith Monk, Count Basie, Anthony Braxton, Eric Dolphy, Lizzo.

ATHENS CALLING : Tell something about your future plans

RUBY DUNPHY ( THUNDERPUSSY – drummer ) :Expect new music in the next year. We’ve been on the road for a long ass time now and we’re eagerly awaiting to arrive home and get in the practice space and the studio. We’re also going to adopt a baby for the van.

ATHENS CALLING : Thank you Ruby for the interview…we will wait Thunderpussy for a concert in Greece.

RUBY DUNPHY ( THUNDERPUSSY – drummer ) :Thank you!


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