July 14, 2024

Interview with EWALD TATAR (Festival Director) NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL 2019, 15 Years in the Name of Rock! 13th-16th Juny 2019 – AUSTRIA (Nickelsdorf – Pannonia Fields)

NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL is one of the most important and Great Rock Festival in Europe. Starting from 2005 to the present, she has presented to Rock’s friends too many biggest Rock names on the planet.

It will be done, like every Summer, in Nickelsdorf – Austria, specifically in Pannonia Fields, this year from June 13th to 16th Athens Calling G.R, like every year, in the framework of his Tribute to the European Summer Music Festivals, had the opportunity to chat an interview with the Festival Director of NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL , EWALD TATAR!

ATHENS CALLING: Hi dear friend  Ewald, this is ATHENS CALLING G.R! I’m really very happy, chatting with you for another time because I think that NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL is a very important fest about the rock music. I think that is the biggest fest about the name of rock in Europe.

EWALD TATAR:  Glad to hear you. Yes, Nova Rock is the biggest Rock Festivals in Austria and on a good way in Europe as well!

ATHENS CALLING: O.K! We are talking about the fifteen years … NOVA ROCK FEST This year I think that is one big birthday for your festival. Isn’t it , lovely for You and for your team?                                                                                                                                                

EWALD TATAR: Yes it will be a huge Party for everyone involved.

ATHENS CALLING: Tell us please, what was for you, the best moment, during the 15 years of NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL

EWALD TATAR: There are so many great memories and moments, that it is really impossible to choose just one.

ATHENS CALLING: And what was the worst moment of the Festival. There is such a moment?

EWALD TATAR: There are no bad or worst moments, just challenges that need to be mastered, and in the end we are there to figure every challenge out.

ATHENS CALLING: Dear Ewald ,if you could go back and tell your younger self who was just beginning in the Music Festival something, what would you tell to your younger self… not to worry about?

EWALD TATAR: I would tell my younger self to do everything exactly the same way as I did it now, because that brought me to where I am today.

ATHENS CALLING: How many workers do you have, this year at NOVA ROCK 2019                                                                                                                                              

EWALD TATAR: At the Nova Rock Festival weekend nearly 2000 people work there.

ATHENS CALLING: Now if you want, send a message please to another Rock Festival, takes place in Athens Greece, one month later than NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL 2019. Speak about EJEKT FESTIVAL – 17th July , which also started in 2005 like NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL 2019… Your message please .

EWALD TATAR: Dear Ejekt Festival I wish you good luck and many happy moments.

ATHENS CALLING: And now give your message about NOVA ROCK 2019 .

EWALD TATAR: This years Nova Rock Festival will be the 15th edition, nobody would have believed, that it would work that well. Let’s go for another 15 festivals!

ATHENS CALLING: And please will you be so kind enough to share with us a message for the Greek audience?

EWALD TATAR: Dear good friends in Greece, I hope that you have as much fun as we are having here in Austria. My team and me wish you all the best!

ATHENS CALLING: Many thanks dear friend  Ewald …. See you again this Summer at your amazing NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL 2019.

EWALD TATAR: Thank you, see you soon!

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