July 14, 2024

FUEL FANDANGO. Sound Spanish Revolution

Fuel Fandango is a duo formed by Amazing producer ALEJANDRO ACOSTA and the Cordoba explosive singer CRISTINA MANJON, better known as NITA.

For sure Ale and Cris they are the Magic Sound, they are Revolutionaries Sound from Spain! Their music proposal is ambitious, rich, fun. Its purpose is dancing, spark the fun, in order to get that they trust their live acts to a experienced music formation. Fuel Fandango is electronic organic music, rock, funk and a subtle touch of Southern Flamenco Music.

It is Ale Acosta’s new project, DJ and producer of Mojo Project ( 3 albums published and a cult-band in Spain). He also held’s two Spanish Music Awards’08 nominations and a “Producer of the Year” nomination in the Latin Grammy Awards’08.He has mixed several artists including Buika, Jose Merce, Ojos de Brujo, The Pinkertones, etc…The other half is Nita, singer from Cordoba. She’s raw material, golden southern sound bearing flamenco in his soul and black music in her throat. Pure art on stage.

Its international expansion became strong in these years, having passed through countries such as France, Holland, U.S.A, China, Australia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Finland, Bulgaria, Germany,Algeria, Luxembourg,Ukraine, India or Mozambique and festivals such as the Dutch Eurosonic, the North American SXSW, the Chinese SOTX, the Czech United Islands, the French Transmusicales, the Luxembourgish Me You Zik, the Finnish World Village or the German Weinturm!

Fuel Fandango discography: 2009- EP 1, 2011- Fuel Fandango, 2013- Trece Lunas, 2016-Aurora, 2020-Origen!

Athenscalling.gr journalistic team are Fuel Fandango music fans and we are enjoyed listen the Fuel Fandago songs. So we sent an email request, to take an interview with the Fuel Fandango and the next day we had an email answer from Beatriz ( from the Fuel Fandango team). 


΄΄ First of all, thanks so much for your interest and support. We are very glad to hear from you. Please send us the questions for the band and we´ll send you back the requested answers. If you need any other info or materials, just let us know.

 I wish all the best for all of you.


Athenscalling.gr: Hello Spain. I am glad to be chatting with the explosive duo of music… The revolutionaries FUEL FANDANGO! Welcome Nita…! Welcome in Athenscalling.gr.

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO): Hi thank you so much!

Athenscalling.gr: First I would like to talk about your new single song. I mean about the song…Mi huella. I believe that it is a great song, how it was created the lyrics and the music of the song? 

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO): We created that song thinking about climate change and the enormous impact that humans have on this planet. We wanted to create an atmosphere of calm and conscience through the music.

Athenscalling.gr: And about your collaboration with María José Llergo.

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO): Maria José is a great artist from Córdoba, my city, she’s a talented woman that is creating a very interesting universe with her art. We wanted to collaborate with her for a long time ago, and we made it in “Romances” our new E.P.

Athenscalling.gr: Something now about …Fuel Fandango is the name of your duo, who was the God father of the name? 

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO)::Fandango in Spain is a way of singing flamenco, specially in the city of Huelva, Andalucía, I used to sing “fandangos de Huelva” when I was a child at home with my family. We have a friend that think about the other word “Fuel” referring to the machines and the electronic mood of the band.

Athenscalling.gr: I like your music very much, but I will ask you, how can you characterize your music?

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO): Our music is free, no labels, not just one style, is basically dance music with a lot of different sounds from around the world but always with flamenco.

Athenscalling.gr: With what occasion write your lyrics and the music of your songs?

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO):It depends on the day, the inspiration has no occasion. Just happened!

Athenscalling.gr: Let’s travel now in the past… Do you remember your first teacher in music? 

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO):We didn’t  actually have any teachers on music, we both learned by ourselves with the help of all artists that we admired.

Athenscalling.gr: Do you remember  the first album that you bought?

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO):The first album that I bought when i was 7 years old was the Spice Girls. Ha ha ha….

Athenscalling.gr: Leaving in the past, remember please your lovely time, when you were young! 

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO):I think I do now the same things I did when I was younger, I love to dance and sing and be in nature.

Athenscalling.gr: O.k with the past… Leaving today do you have any hobbies? 

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO):Now my best hobby is to be with my dog at the beach and have nice walks.

Athenscalling.gr: Now I will ask you about all the crazy days leaving today and I mean about Pandemic days of COVID-19. Where are you now and how do you pass all these crazy… during COVID-19 days? 

 NITA(FUEL FANDANGO): I was in Madrid when Covid arrived, It was difficult for me to stay in a flat all this time but now thanks to god i´m living in nature, my life has changed a lot and I’m happy about it.

Athenscalling.gr: What is your opinion about the European governments’ decisions on the pandemic and also about the vaccine ?

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO): I think the problem is not a European issue, It’s a Global matter. All the privileges that some people have in one side of the planet and in the rest of the world others are fighting for food, and now also for vaccines.

Athenscalling.gr: O.k. let’s talk now about your future plans, about upcoming album or concerts… or any other news?  

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO): We are preparing our new E.P called “Romances”, a bunch of songs we created with another artists from inside Spain and also international ones. We are also playing around the country in theaters and festivals hopefully this summer with a new electronic show. You can see all the dates in our website www.fuelfandango.com

Athenscalling.gr: And before the end of the interview, do you have something to say about my country… I mean about Greece!  

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO): We played in Athens a few years ago but we really want to come back, And I have to say that i didn’t go to your wonderful islands and I can’t wait to travel again!

Athenscalling.gr: Before the end of the interview … Please send your message to the people.

NITA(FUEL FANDANGO): Go to the concerts, go to the cinema, open your heart to the culture. We need you and you need us!

Athenscalling.gr: Thank you  Nita … Thank you and all the best for your future plans, for your amazing duo…FUEL FANDANGO!


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